Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bowtastic Day!

I think we all know I'm a sucker for hairbows! BIG, beautiful, perfectly loopy hairbows! Avery has no shortage of them. (well actually she does... she still needs aqua, turquoise and a new red one... I lost hers!) BUT you get the point. I love hairbows. She has a lot of them. Over 85 to be exact.... and no... I don't feel it's excessive. A girl needs options. It's kinda her "thing." She told me so.

I get 2 questions asked VERY frequently when out in public.
1. Where did you get her car seat cover? (Answer... babycovers2010 on etsy)
2. Where do you buy her bows?

Answer: Lots of places!

Hobby Lobby. Hairbow Depot on etsy. MissyPrissyBowBoutique on facebook (etsy has thousands!).... I've also made some but I've found a site where you can actually buy them cheaper than you can make them! I present you:

Their bows are $3 and under! CRAZY CHEAP! Now through September 5th, they're offering 20% off their already silly cheap prices with the promo code laborday20! I seriously have no idea how this company is making money but I'm thrilled to have found it! I love their bows, headbands and corkers. I'm now in love with the nylon headbands instead of the crocheted ones. This website sells them for $1! Insane. I've stocked up and will definitely be ordering more... those 6 1/2 inch bows (see the 1st picture) are ADORABLE! I'll admit, they're a bit too big for Avery right now but at the rate she's growing, she'll grow into them in now time! They are; however, a PERFECT size to clip to hats! (see below)
At $1-$3 per bow, you too can have an 85+ bow collection! I'll warn you... they're addicting and you too will be back to order bigger ones once you see how precious they are! :)

Have a bowtastic day!


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