Monday, August 29, 2011

The babies 1st playdate

Today was a very special day for all of the babies! They had their very 1st play date all together! Of course, the little ones slept through most of the chaos which blows my mind since we had 23 people in my tiny house, including NINE 2 year olds! WHEW! 

If I had thought about this earlier, I SHOULD have gotten a picture of all of the big siblings together (or at least the backs of their heads because that's what a picture of a 2 year old looks like) and then a picture of all of the babies. I did get the baby picture though! My vision (if you know me I have grand visions and they work out 10% of the time and then I get disappointed... another blog for another day...) anyways, my vision was to make onesies for the babies that coordinate and then take a picture in order of birth. Well, as you know by now, it takes me 2+ hours to get Avery to sleep and then she sleeps for 20 minutes so I accomplished 2 of the 5 :(  Nonetheless, here is our precious picture of our precious babies in Avery's precious crib. There's a lot of preciousness going on in this picture:
In order from newest to oldest (if you can really consider 16 weeks "old!"). Landon (11 days), Shiloh (16 days), Marshall (3 weeks... maybe 4), Jonah (14 weeks), Avery (16 weeks).  Precious right?

It took me 16 shots to get this one picture! Marshall is wearing my "vision" because he peed on his outfit so he got to wear the one I made! Such a boy! Here are some out takes.... notice who is the shot ruiner...  AVERY MADISON!
All of the other babies being sweet and Avery has her finger up Jonah's nose!
You can't really see it well on this little photo but Avery is basically flipping Jonah off. Such a classy lady.
Notice Shiloh nursing Marshall's elbow! I'm pretty sure he's pooping in this picture as well. Avery also looks like a sumo wrestler.
 The photos made me laugh because it's like the evolution of newborns. Landon was still all curled up and wombish and you'll notice the babies progressively less curled up. Ahem... Avery... Miss legs spread and arms open!

While the babies napped and posed for pictures, the big kids played in the backyard, bounced in the bounce house, played on the swing set, played with every toy we own and had lunch. They always have a blast together and I cherish time with my mom friends! Fun time had by all!


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