Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy Moments

There are defining moments as a mom that most every mom WILL experience. It's like initiation into a club. I am already a member of said club (Thanks to Parker) but Avery made sure I re-uped my membership... possibly sending me into a club leadership role on Tuesday. What club is this you ask? 

It's the "I've worn my baby's poop" club. The rest of this post is NOT for the squeamish!

We were on the boat, you see... which is prime "poop on mom" time because did I have a change of clothes? No. Did I have wipes? No. Did Avery have a change of clothes? No. Mom of the year, I know. Thankfully, I did remember a diaper and the boat is stocked with paper towels. So here's how it went down:

We were taking some pictures....

You see Avery's face? She KNEW what was about to happen!
 ... And then....

Here's the impressive part... it was BARELY on her pants and her diaper was almost completely clean! She managed to poop so explosively that it bypassed the diaper AND her pants and landed on ME!
The damage... that I sat in for about an hour and a half. THAT'S LOVE!
The good news... 
1. My sister dry heaved but didn't ACTUALLY throw up!
2. I believe this incident has served as birth control for her and many other young people still reading this post
3. Avery has been WAY less fussy! It's amazing what a good poop can do!
4. Spray n wash is awesome and you'd never know my dress was once covered in baby poop!

It's a good thing Avery is so darn cute!

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  1. This happened with me and Riley when she was about 2 months old -- I was covered, our couch was covered... not a drop in the diaper, and not a drop on Riley. It was the most amazing thing, there was NOTHING on her! All over me and our couch. It's talent I tell ya!