Friday, August 19, 2011

Thump Thump

That's the sound my heart makes when I see Parker and Avery interact. About 2 or 3 times a day, Parker will stop what he's doing and will go see Avery. He usually will want to hold her momentarily, lay next to her or show her how to play with her toys on the exersaucer, Twice he's wanted to pick her up which he now knows is a "no no" as is swinging her in the doorway jumper! BUT, overall... he's FANTASTIC with her! When Parker is holding Avery and he's done, he tells me "All done, mommy" which is AWESOME! I was so worried he'd just crawl away or chuck her to the side! Thank God that's not the case! While these are not the greatest photos, they sure make my heart happy!
Parker took Avie's paci out to kiss her
He decided HE would be the baby!
Clearly Avery would like her paci back!
Parker pats Avery on the head a lot. It makes me laugh!
That seems to be soothing her while big brother insist on keeping her paci
Is there anything sweeter than clean, snuggly babies!?! I suppose these pictures would be cuter if Parker wasn't wearing my "Everything is bigger in Texas T-shirt!" Parker has paci envy. He never took one and every now and then I'll find him walking around the house biting Avery's. He has no clue he's supposed to suck it. Bless his heart. That's when I know he needs a little one on one mommy attention! Avery is just infatuated with her big brother! She tracks him around the room and absolutely loves him to lay next to her, kiss her toes and play with her on the exersaucer! She tolerates being held by him for about as long as he's willing to hold her which is always less than a minute. 

Tonight I was watching "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta" and there were boy/girl twins. He had come with his sister to go shopping, picked out a dress for her and supported his sister's decision. It was SOO sweet. I've decided that's my goal for Avery and Parker. I want my kids to be so close that Parker WANTS to support his sister and go wedding dress shopping with her. Lofty goal... I know. It's not about the dress per say, but I want my children to love each other so much that they want to be there for each other's big moments in life, despite being opposite genders. So far, I think we're off to a good start!


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