Saturday, August 27, 2011

The BEST part of being a parent!

There are parts of parenting I REALLY dislike.... discipline, tantrum management, blow out poop, spit up on a clean shirt... you know what I'm talking about. THEN there are parts of parenting that are AWESOME! Today was one of those days! I took a morning nap with Avery thanks to Daniel who played with Parker, put up dishes, folded laundry and straightened up the kitchen... I know... A-MAZ-ING! Man, did that start the day off right! Our new dishwasher came at 11:15, only 45 minutes after our time slot which I consider a success, was installed and is now functioning! WOO HOO! After lunch and naps, we headed to Carowinds! YIPPEE! 

This is where our day got SUPER fun! We've had some not so wonderful experiences at Carowinds when Parker won't ride anything but today he was fearless! Back to the title... one of the best parts about being a parent is reliving fun childhood memories through your children's eyes. It is SO gratifying to watch them enjoy something that you also enjoyed as a child (or maybe still do!). 

We started at the water park:

I promise this is Parker swimming, not drowning. He's fearless in the water!
Our awful but best attempt at a shot of the kid's matching swim suits.
Then we headed to Parker's beloved Snoopy train:

Of course, no Carowinds experience would be complete without a spin around the carousel. Parker searched long and hard for the girliest horse he could find!

 We took MANY rides in the boat! Always the yellow one, of course!

The kids were FANTASTIC! Not even a single whine from either of them! Super dad Baby Bjorned (yes that is a verb) Avery for a while when Parker and I re-rode (also a new verb) the rides over and over. 5-8 is a great time to go. No lines! Super dad and I had a great time and so did the kids! Fingers crossed for a WONDERFUL night's sleep! Tonight is Avery's 1st night in her crib (well... at least she's starting the night in her crib.) 1 1/2 hours so far! That may be a record!


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