Saturday, August 27, 2011

Questions I'm pondering

Why does this child not sleep for more than 20 minutes without someone touching her? 
Seriously, ya'll. She'll sleep longer, but you have to be laying next to her to rub her head or back right when she wakes up to get her back to sleep... or hold her.  I can spend over an hour trying to get her sleep and she'll nap for around 20 minutes. It's just a phase, right? I hope so! It's a good thing that she's a cutie!

Why can't Parker say his own name? 

He is the most well mannered child. He says "please" and "thank you." He knows Avery's name, all of our family members names(except Kelly) and most animals... but CANNOT (or WILL NOT) say "PARKER!" It drives me nuts! I really wanted him to be able to say his name before he goes to preschool. So instead, I'm sending him with a monogrammed backpack, lunchbox and closet full or appliqued/monogrammed shirts. Sigh.

Should I make my own baby food or buy it?
 I always bought Earth's Best baby food for Parker. I stocked up any time I found it on sale at the store so I usually bought it at $.50-$.75 a jar depending on the size. I will definitely use some of these again for Avery such as when we're out for meals or for fruits and veggies too high in nitrates, or gross ones I don't buy for myself. Here's my dilemma... my desire to be super mom makes me feel like I should try to make my own food. I tried today. I made pears and peaches and I've gotta say, I'm not really convinced it's that much cheaper, if at all. It wasn't hard to do but I'm wavering between the convenience of opening a can of organic baby food or the satisfaction of knowing I prepared Avery's food from local farmer's market produce myself. Mamas... help me out? Anyone have strong opinions one way or the other?

Are these two going to cooperate for family beach pictures in 2 weeks?
I sure hope so! I'm dying for AWESOME family pictures! So much so that I hired a photographer to take them! I just felt so strongly that we needed nice sunset, matching outfit, beach pictures! Clearly, as you can see above, I'm not too fantastic at getting them myself! Yes, I was hoping up and down, laughing, making duck noises and asking "what's on my head?" and this is still the best I got.... Avery, eating Parker's foot and Parker playing with his juice box straw.. ah... real life. I so badly want a not real life shot where they're both smiling at the same time, looking at the camera, with no stains on their matching seersucker crab outfits, sitting in sand. Is that too much to ask?

Why is Parker so suddenly into Cars, Toy Story and Dora?
Goodbye Thomas, hello Dora, Toy Story and Lightning McQueen. I'm currently still tolerating the shows themselves pretty well... but the "stuff." Let me tell you about marketing... those boogers are smart. My son is currently sleeping with a Woody doll (that he tucks in), a plastic Woody figurine, a shake n go Lightning McQueen, AND... drumroll... a can of Campbell's Soup that has Woody on it, a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese that has Car's characters on it and a soup label I pulled off his dinner with Dora.... and 3 ducks. I'm not sure what grabs Parker's attention so much with these 3 shows but he's in love... and so are the marketers of these characters. NOTE: he will NEVER wear these characters and of that, I am certain! He can sleep with as many boxes of Car's mac n cheese he wants but he will. not. EVER. wear ANYTHING. with them on it!

Will the dishwasher installer ACTUALLY be here between 10-10:30am?
Is that not the most amazing time frame EVER from an installation company?! I was thrilled! I've been without a dishwasher for 2 weeks... and it's been a LONG two weeks! When Best Buy called me today to give me my time frame, I asked them to tell me again. What? No 4 hour window? If this is the case... I'll buy every appliance I ever need from Best Buy! 

I am pondering many other things... will Daniel's seersucker shorts I ordered online fit? Eeek, I hope so,.. no time to buy another pair before the pictures! Why do random women I don't know ask me if the coffee I'm buying is for me? Why yes... see the 2 year old crying on the floor and the baby attached to me... yes, the coffee is for me... and yes.. I'm nursing. Poor old woman probably went home and called DSS on me. Will Parker's preschool teacher like him? Is he going to cry when I leave him on his 1st day? At the rate we're going, Avery isn't going to sleep through the night until she's 14. Is there anything I can do at this age to help her? Or just accept some kids aren't great sleepers? Le sigh.

Man, I have a lot of questions!

There are; however, things I do know. I am loved. I am giving it my best. I don't have all of the answers.  I am happy. I love my family. I love my life. I am blessed.

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  1. I make William's baby food just because it is summertime and there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables nearby. The bananas just get smashed up as do ripe enough peaches. The others (pears, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas so far) I just cube, steam in a basket for a few minutes and toss in the blender. Just did a post on it!