Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homecoming Invitation

I was in the drive thru at Starbucks today (as all good stories start) and the car in front of me was a small SUV. The back window was decorated with a pink monogram sticker and a high school parking lot pass. The driver was a cute blond girl, maybe 16 or 17 years old. I feel like James Patterson with all this scene setting... 

On the back wind shield a boy (or someone with close to illegible handwriting) had written in lime green window paint:

"Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Wanna go to Homecoming.... and can I get some too?"

I was mortified for that poor girl until I realized that homecoming for her high school was the weekend before so she's had this on her car for at least a week. Immediately I thought of Avery.... and Daniel.... and the physical well being of any boy who would write that on Avery's car 16 years from now. Whew... my mind can't travel there or I feel anxious. I'm still basking in the "mommy/daughter" sweet cuddles, giggles and smiles. I can't fathom the day we aren't best friends anymore, she thinks I'm old, I think she dresses poorly... boys are petitioning her to "get some" on her car window..... NEVER! 

I told my mom about my siting today and it made me think of my dad. MY homecoming dates (yes I had 2) and I discussed going as each others dates in private and maturely. They came to pick me up with a corsage... not condoms.... and 2 flowers for my mom and sister. HOW STINKIN' SWEET WAS THAT!?! If I had come home with that lovely poem on the back of my car my dad would have called that boy's parents and had them bring their son over to wash my car while he explained that I was to never see him other than in class! haha

Goal #1: Raise a son who respects himself and women enough to not write above poem on girl's windshields. 
Goal #2: Raise a girl who respects herself enough to take her car to AutoBell the second a stupid boy writes that in her windshield.... probably NOT tell her dad about.... and DO NOT date said stupid boy!

Side Note and totally unrelated..... HONEYCRISP apples are at Harris Teeter! Daniel brought me home 5 tonight! I'm in HEAVEN!


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