Saturday, October 22, 2011

Horsin' Around

We live in the weirdest area. We're 8 minutes from 7 different Starbucks, 2 Targets, huge shopping centers, 3 Harris Teeters and yet to get there you have to drive through farms. Lots of cows, horses and donkeys which is PERFECT for kids! We are always on "moo" watch. In walking distance from my house is the cutest farm called Spittin' Pond Farm.

The Johnsons were so generous to allow our playgroup friends to visit the farm on Friday. They rescue horses, rehabilitate them and adopt them out. They also have donkeys, llamas, miniature horses and half of the kids favorite animal on the farm.... a cat.
The owner and her sweet. blind miniature horse
Beautiful dalmatian like horse

The aforementioned cat

The whole group

Parker and the sweetest donkey
Lily and Parker driving the tractor
Petting a Parker sized horse

The babies
We had a great time at the farm and ate lots of pizza and cupcakes afterward! A pretty fantastic Friday morning!!!


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