Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Touch a Truck

Today my mom called me and said (basically)  "Hey Taylor, there is a precious festival next to Bruster's Ice Cream! Why don't you bring the kids up?" AKA.... "I'm jonesing to see my babies and I'm bribing you to come with a festival that I swear Parker will love and an ice cream cone." So we went.... and the festival was over by the time we got there but Parker did still get to see a few boy things. The festival was called "I touch a truck" which is a really cute concept. They had police cars, fire trucks, tractors, dump trucks, a combine harvester (are you proud of me for knowing that?) that the kids could climb on... and a clown. Parker stayed a good 20 feet from the clown even though she seemed VERY friendly.

Since the festival was a bit of a bust, we headed to Bruster's to get some ice cream. Parker remembered that one time earlier this summer my mom bought him a Barney cookie sundae. Bless his heart, he walked straight up to Bruster's and told us his order. Smart little booger. I'm convinced he's smarter than I give him credit for. There was a boy scout pumpkin patch next to Bruster's so we ate our ice cream while perusing pumpkins. 
P-man and nanuts (Parker's new name for my mother. hehe)

Eating his Barney cookie while checking out the pumpkins

"Mommy buy?"

This shirt I recently made Parker was perfect for today's festivities!

Miss Avery was less than thrilled. :/

Parker loved putting his face in the hole! Hilarious.

Mommy and Parker

Avery and Parker
Highlight of the day: Parker, my mom and I were on the dock feeding fish (because the ducks weren't there) and randomly Parker starts skipping around the dock, holding his crotch, making a weird noise. FINALLY, we noticed he was holding a horse animal cracker pretending to ride it while making "naying" sounds. My heart MELTED! How cute is that?! I can't wait to get it on video! He did it again tonight at home with a plastic sheep about 1 inch big. There are days when this age is terribly hard but adorable moments like that make the tantrums on the floor at Target worth it!


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