Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Camera Phone Photos

What did we do before camera phones? Don't get me wrong... I couldn't live without my SLR but it is SO nice to have a cell phone camera to whip out when you just MUST catch a moment! Here are some of this weeks moments completely out of order:
Parachute play at story time with Logan, Lily, Brooklyn and Piper :)
During story time, Avery was entrusted to babysit Jesse. Look how happy she looks!!!
A certain little Mr. has gotten very good at problem solving. He wanted something off the counter so he rearranged some furniture. It looks like I'll be doing some rearranging of my own... the knives will be finding a new home!

We were driving and I heard Parker yelling "CHEESE WOODY!" He likes me to take pictures of his toys then he goes through my phone later and talks to them. It does save me from dragging the entire cast of Toy Story all over town! :)
Avery modeling her new outfit. I was feeling crafty last night. She'll be modeling outfit #2 tomorrow. Such a girl... gotta wear the newest thing in her closet!
After a firm talking to about not standing on his picnic table, he opted for a box he discovered to retrieve snacks.
All of Parker's sleeping buddies have to say their prayers before bed except Buzz. His hands don't go together and thus, he is an atheist.
After hearing "I FLY" followed by a crash, I discovered Parker on his top bunk and the light kit from Parker's fan on the floor. AND thus... the cellophane over his steps. Buzz got his wings clipped!
And one last picture of slobbery cuteness. :)
L-O-V-E these muffins of mine!


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