Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YeHaw Cowboy!

We had a WONDERFUL day last Sunday. Parker spent the night with nana and poppi and we met after church at a fall festival to have a little fun and exchange the kiddo. Who knew the Anne Springs Close Greenway was so beautiful and had so much to do!?! 

We went the weekend prior as well and Parker seemed really interested in the horses but we figured he was too young. Once again, he said he wanted to ride the horses so sure enough, he did! I was sure he would get close, realize how big they were and chicken out but he didn't!
He loved it! He continued to say "YeHaw Cowboy!"

He didn't want to get off! He actually rode a second time but that horse quit walking so they moved him to a new horse so technically, he rode 2 1/2 times haha.
 Since then, he's been a bit obsessed with being a Cowboy!
YeHaw Cowboy!
We went on a hayride, played on some tractors and had a perfect outdoorsy October day!

Nana and Avie Bug
Nana, Poppi, Parker and Avie
YUMMY cupcake!
On a hayride without hay... the best kind of hayride!
Sleepy Avery girl.
One more picture of that cute face!
Sweet boy!
I've made a point to go to EVERY pumpkin patch in our area and I only have 1 left! On Thursday, we'll visit Awshucks Farm with Parker's preschool class! Mission Accomplished! I LOVE FALL!


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