Monday, January 31, 2011

Deja Vu

This morning my "I'm not so sick that I need to go to the doctor" of a husband FINALLY agreed to go to the doctor. He's been feeling badly for a week and some days have been so bad I set my alarm every hour during the night to check on him. I've been a couch dweller in attempts to not get whatever he has.

He tells me about his appointment 35 minutes before it's to happen and I was going with him whether he wanted me to or not. (in efforts to NOT let him minimize his symptoms!) SO... I threw on my new, gray maternity sweatshirt/tunic, black leggings and tennis shoes. My hair was pulled back in a pony tail (of course with a black bow) and I wore blush and mascara... my go to, I'm in a time pinch must wear make-up! I got Parker dressed (cutely obviously to draw people's attention away from me and to him!), threw some diapers, fruit snacks, bananas and milk in the diaper bag and we ran out the door.

Why I rushed is beyond me because we then all sat in the waiting room eating our breakfast and laughing at what messes we looked like while Parker rearranged the coffee table reading selections. He found AARP magazine to be particularly fascinating. Nonetheless, when they called Daniel's name, we walked back to "the room." It was the room that in June of 2007 I was in alone, with perfectly hot rolled hair, a black dress, pink cardigan and way work inappropriate funky summer colored heels on. It was the room where I was told I had cancer....

It was the same doctor. She asked Daniel the same questions. She felt his nodes, just like she had mine. Then she sent him to get blood drawn and a chest x-ray... just like she had done for me. It was MAJOR Deja Vu.... but this time, I had a toddler with me who was spinning her chair in circles, throwing his sippy cup in the trash and telling the doctor "no mine" when she asked if she could have her chair. I looked a mess.... much less put together than I was that day in 2007 and a nice size basketball has replaced my once flat abs. I guess the only other main difference between now and then is that I'm 93.8 times (to be exact) happier now in my maternity tunic and unwashed hair with my slightly misbehaved child and 100 times healthier! Regardless.... that room made me uncomfortable. Those same questions made me anxious and the X-ray waiting room... well it just wasn't going to happen. Daniel and I drove separately so I was thrilled when Daniel suggested that Parker and I head out... no need to wait with him.  Thank the Lord!

BUT now... we're home. And we wait. This office is NOTORIOUS for not calling back with results in a timely fashion. It's HIGHLY irritating. And if you miss the call, you might as well know you're not hearing back for a day or two. So we each have our phones attached to our hips in case we get the call. The call for what? We have NO IDEA. The doctor seemed pretty clueless as to what he has. Mono? Meningitis? A combination of an infection/flu? Lymphoma? There were a lot of questions asked about a family history of diabetes? So impatiently I wait... praying for the best, laughing about the worst. Really... lymphoma? If Daniel has that, I want to qualify for some special prize like a Mediterranean cruise for people who have ridiculous stories of bad luck combined with overflowing abundances of blessings. Too bad Oprah is done doing her favorite things... surely this would qualify us as candidates for that show! That situation would almost be laughable... after I finished sobbing for a few days.... and so we wait.... impatiently....

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  1. I'm so sorry that we're actually sitting and reading this right now...we're praying for you guys!!!!!!!!!!! love u all