Sunday, January 16, 2011


Things are changing.... it could be because Parker is getting older. Maybe he understands that there is a baby on the way more than I think he does. I could just be nesting in a different way than I did with Parker. Maybe with the new year, came a new me.... but things are definitely changing.

I've NEVER enjoyed cooking. Food is to keep me and my family alive and if it taste good then that's a bonus. Lately, I've cooked. I haven't microwaved a single frozen meal. This is a big deal people. I made a 22lb turkey. Huge deal... until I realized how easy it was. On the menu this week: tilapa, turkey pot pie and white chicken chili. This is me tooting my own horn.

I taught myself to applique and monogram. This is my style for my children. I love seersucker...all things monogrammed and an applique makes it even more perfect. Add a bow and rick rack on a girl's A-line dress and I melt. My taste doesn't come cheap.... so I taught myself to make them (thanks google and you tube!) and I'm just tickled! It's been SO fun. I just love being creative... especially when it comes out cute!

I'm feeling accomplished. I LOVE being a mom. It's my whole life. About 2 months ago, I felt like I was giving ALL of myself to Daniel and Parker (and Avery) and while I LOVE it.... I felt like I was loosing "me." In a moment of clarity, alone in the car, I came up with the idea of a website that would allow me to work from home at my own pace, make it as big or little as I wanted and do what I love. More details on that to come (website is being built) but I'm excited to get it up and running. I already feel accomplished and that feels SO good. It's been a huge self esteem booster to have something that I'm doing for me.

My child who fought sleep tooth and nail as a baby has become quite possibly the world's best sleeper. What changed? He got a big boy bed... and a pillow. Can I tell you what a huge deal becoming an awesome sleeper is?! Mom's you know! He literally puts himself to sleep now. Just 6 months ago, he would spend 40+minutes crying it out for most naps and EVERY night! Since the day we put him in a big boy bed, he's been..well... a big boy! Tonight he was playing in his room and I was putting dishes away. He'd been silent for a while and I went to check on him. He was OUT. He had climbed in his bed with a football, book, Barney and his babies and he was asleep! How awesome is that!?! He woke up at 9:30 and was calling me "mommy, poop!" Sure enough, I went in there and he had pooped. I changed him, let him see Daniel (he's been at work all day) and Parker told us "night night" and walked back to his bed. LOVE IT!!!!!!  This has been a much welcome change from our old norm. He's becoming SUCH a big boy! I'm ready to have another baby in the house now that he's so "grown up!"

The next change that hasn't happened yet but I at least have a plan for is balance. I can keep a clean house and cook microwave meals or I can cook real meals and the house suffers. I'm struggling to do both and adding a 2nd child isn't going to help. My plan of attack is to break it up into rooms so every 3 days, I'm not cleaning the whole house for hours or cleaning the whole house on Sunday (that happens a lot!) Plan:
Mondays/Thursday- kitchen
Tuesdays/Friday- Bathrooms
Wednesdays/Saturday- Den and Bedrooms
Sunday- Odds and Ends
Obviously, the floors will need to be swept and vacuumed more than just on their "days" but that's not a problem. I like to vacuum and I tolerate sweeping. I'm talking more deep cleaning. We'll see how it goes... this is a constant struggle for me so I'm hoping my plan works! I'll keep you updated!

I'm a woman who enjoys consistency. I've been on the roller coaster of life and I'm REALLY loving being on "scoobydoo" instead of "The Vortex" (carowind's theme-park coasters for all you none- Carolina folks!)  I'm not one who willingly excepts change but I'm pleased to say, I think these are good changes and I'm pretty excited to see how it all goes long term!


  1. Yay for Parker loving his big boy bed and loving bed time even more :) I'm not one who willingly accepts change either, so I know exactly where you are coming from! Kudo's to you girl!

  2. you have some exciting stuff coming up, for sure. i can't wait to see your website! =) having a baby brought out a whole new side of craftiness in me, too. it's fun! and seeing your little bug in cute stuff you made could not be more fun!

    i am one of those momma's who cooks but doesn't clean (not that i don't clean, just not as much as i would like). the important stuff is clean, and the rest is just.....collateral damage. =)