Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Yesterday was one of Parker's BEST friend's 2nd birthday party! It was Tinkerbell themed and her mom, Holly went ALL out!
The Birthday Girl!
The kids enjoyed jumping in a bounce house, playing in Captain Hook's ship (ball pit/pool), coloring, hiding in Tinkerbell's tree house and eating yummy cupcakes!

Of course no Tinkerbell themed party would be complete without costumes!
Since I had a feeling Parker would NOT wear the supplied pirate hat and eye patch (sorry Holly) I whipped him up a quick pirate ship shirt.
Logan wore his hat momentarily.. it was PRECIOUS!
I made tutus for the girls and Holly found these BEAUTIFUL wings to go with them. The girls were insanely adorable! 
Being the party animal he is, Parker found the basketball hoop in the corner and had Daniel shoot hoops with him for a good hour and a half. What a sport daddy was!
I think this was "lift off" number 176... I'm loving Daniel's facial expression and sweats.
Once we hid the basketball, Parker found this volleyball and carried it around as his very own "Wilson"
Don't you take my Wilson!

A better picture of the shirt
Parker and that volleyball became oddly close
The kids had a great time and Brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed her birthday cupcakes!
One is simply not enough... I agree, Brooklyn... I ate 2!
Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

As a side note: Daniel walked over to me at 5:30 during the party, handed Parker to me and said he was feeling like he was going to pass out and had to go home. I immediately followed him and by 5:45pm he was in bed.... it's now 9:23am the next day and he's still asleep. He hasn't felt well off and on (mostly just exhaustion) for a week but this is scaring me! He's had me rub his neck a lot and he physically can't stay awake for longer than and hour or two when he comes home from work. This is VERY unlike him. His night sweats have been so bad the last 2 nights, I've had to change the sheets and send him to the shower. I made the mistake of "WebMding" his symptoms last night and have (probably incorrectly) diagnosed him with either mono or meningitis. Either way... not good! Of course he WILL NOT agree to go to the doctor (despite my best efforts to get him to the ER last night) so I set my alarm every hour to check on he and Parker last night. Not that I needed the alarm since I couldn't fall asleep until 2 and Parker woke me up from 3-4:30 but it was handy during the 5 and 6 oclock check up. He's still feverish and sleeping hard. I'm going to try to get him to go to Urgent Care when he wakes up but I have a feeling we'll be at our general practitioner sometime on Monday because he's super stubborn and too heavy for me to psychically put in the car! Please say a quick prayer for him today... he's NEVER sick so when he is, it's major! Thanks, friends!

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  1. Adorable kids! Parties should be fun and simple and you nailed it on both counts. :)
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