Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project Swim Trunk Makeover

This little Mr. (who is teething his 2 year molars) likes to dress preppy in the spring/summer. He told me so.
 Remember these summer/spring favorites?

The preppy style in the fall and winter is still precious but involves SOOO many layers that it just isn't comfortable for an almost 2 year old. If we're home, he usually wears his fleece jammies all day. BECAUSE... seriously, how cute are feetie jammies and there is only so long they're acceptable to wear, especially on boys!

Back to the point of this blog post... I bought 2 pairs of swim trunks at the end of the summer last year... for $1 a piece. Major steal! They're Ragsland (expensive and well made brand), they're gingham seersucker fabric... my FAVORITE materials! The only problem... these ugly and too small appliques...

My $1 swim trunk consignment steal.
This turtle is downright ugly....that hat is just WRONG! PLUS, it was coming unstitched anyways.
These weren't terrible but they were too small and not sewn well. 
Out came the seam rippers and within minutes I had a blank slate!
Now to "Taylorize" them!
The light blue seersucker pair got an understated but classy monogram and I kept with the surf board theme of the navy blue gingham pair but went BIGGER!
I was fairly pleased with how it came out considering I'd never done this applique and it had a lot more stops (changes of threads, fabric changes, etc) than anything else I've done.
I LOVE this pair... minus the mystery stain I got on them. To the wash they go! They'll be perfect for our yearly trip to Hilton Head! Very Southern!

Is it spring yet? I'm SOOO ready to pull out the baby pools in the fenced in backyard and let Parker and all of his friends play outside for hours while my mom friends and I enjoy some "mom" time in the sun! ...possibly with an optional fruity frozen drink since Miss. Avery will be here by then! YIPPEE!!!!


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