Monday, January 24, 2011

The kind of day I would have dreaded at 16.....

Today I had the kind of day that I would have DREADED if I were 16.

I got up with Parker even though I didn't feel good.

We took the dog to the vet for her yearly shots.

Next, a trip to Target for packing materials, conditioner, hangers and tape. (exciting!)

I did detour to Sbux!

Came home, fed Parker leftover pizza (mother of the year, I know!), chased him with the ball popper, cuddled him when he face planted into the corner of the side table and put him down for a nap.

Then came the super fun part! I called the insurance company to dispute a bill... (I lost), paid $300+ in medical bills (YIPPEE, not!), packaged all of my sold ebay items, called the bunk bed company to get a new rail, brushed the dog's teeth, called Toyota about my 90k check up and brake recall, made Parker's 2yr peds appointment, officially booked Parker's 2nd b'day party (tear... or yay?), put up the dishes, folded 3 loads of laundry and answered lots of emails. WHEW!

Parker woke up, I straightened the house, cooked dinner, shot b'ball hoops, read books, put Pman to bed, appliqued 2 shirts (well 3 but one was a disaster) and FINALLY watched Pretty Little Liars!  (which may have been the highlight of the day... or was it that friendly conversation with the insurance company?... I'll let you guess!)

Here's the weird part... I had a GREAT day! I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. Can you imagine yourself at 16 having "this" kind of day? I'm 99% sure I would have considered this the WORST DAY EVER! ... with a dramatic, whiny sigh. My, have things changed! A great day is now considered any day I am able to be super productive and Parker is well behaved whereas 10 years ago, a great day would have been any day I did the least amount of productive activities and had little to no responsibilities! :)

I wouldn't trade my "now" life for anything in the world....... minus that pesky insurance company! (kidding BCBS... don't drop me... I need you... I realize I'm probably one of your loss leaders and really shouldn't complain about how much I pay considering your 80% share is a lot more than my 20%... but man does that 20% add up!).... I digress.......

I love my life!

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  1. i know exactly what you are talking about! even though i HATE talking on the phone to customer service people (because usually the service is awful) at the end of the day, getting things done makes me feel like a grown up. only, the outgoing money sometimes makes me want to cry.....hmm.