Friday, January 14, 2011

Rambling Thoughts if an Insomniac

FACT... I have become an insomniac. I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or this sinus infection but I CANNOT SLEEP! I'm tired... very tired... but the pain in my head and under my eyes is SO debilitating, sleep is NOT an option. Avery also enjoys practicing gymnastics between 10pm and 1am. Delightful. She's going to have to figure out the whole day and night thing ASAP because Parker came home from the hospital like a hamster... totally nocturnal and that's just not going to work this time around!

OK.. enough complaining......... wait.... one more...... headache......owie........... OK seriously, DONE.

What have I been up to? Remember that 22 pound turkey I posted about Monday? Yeah, I haven't cooked it yet. I'm never home for 6 hours straight before dinner to cook it! Tomorrow, I have committed to being home all day after 11am and making a delicious (we hope) meal! The silver lining... I have cooked EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! My microwave has had the week off and I'm starting to think it's feeling replaced. I'm probably going to have to make a Stouffer's dinner soon so he doesn't start to resent the oven. My microwave is a he because he is always covered in food splatter even though I always use a paper towel... thus it must be a man.

Have I told you I figured out how to applique and monogram on my sewing machine? I am seriously so proud of myself (insert the "tooting my own horn" sound effect here). It's amazing what you can find on google and YouTube! I was so frustrated trying to figure out these features on my sewing machine that I gave up until a friend told me to just google how to do it... duh! Google is so handy! Remember when we had to "Ask Jeeves?" Jeeves doesn't hold a candlestick to Google!!! Anyways, SOOO proud of myself! If I had the energy to upload pictures of my newest hobby, I would but I'm just too worn out to go find my camera! (Lazy, I know). The good news is if you continue to follow my blog, you will notice that all of Parker and Avery's clothes will slowly become monogrammed! So far, I've successfully done a whale, anchor, flip flops, cupcake, 2 fonts (monograms) and a saying (So what if my bow is bigger than my head!). haha. Fun and productive hobby... love it.

Oh side note: Cam from Modern Family is on The Tonight Show right now... love him... love Modern Family!!!!!!! He's currently discussing waxing and Cameron Diaz just admitted to needing a little waxaroo. Wowzer. I'm not used to watching adult TV... Shrek is about as adult as I've seen in MONTHS thanks to Mr. Parkerman's Barney obsession. EXCITING DEVELOPMENT: He will now tolerate: Shrek, Blue's Clues and 101 Dalmations. You have no idea how thrilling this is!

Second Random Thought: THE Miss. America Pageant is THIS WEEKEND (Saturday at 9pm)!!!!! Get your scorecards ready! You can find them online... not that I would know or anything?!

I apologize for the random trail of thoughts. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel up to taking pictures of my latest creations AND do a little photo documentation of my 22 pound turkey. We should name him or her.... I haven't checked yet. EWW.. wait... is there going to be "him" parts in there?! Oh Lord.

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  1. I forgot you loved pageants like I do! Yay! Score card is ready! Bottle of wine is too (I have to drink lots of wine so I'll forget that at one time I too was a pageant girl and actually looked fab in a bikini and I never will again LoL) Oh well, maybe I'll order pizza that night too ;)