Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monogram Madness

This morning, the cutest little cow and I got up and headed to the HT (Harris Teeter is our local grocery store... and Starbucks!) for the essentials.... milk, bananas, waffles and nutty bars. I hid the nutty bars.... my husband found them and are you ready for this? He took the entire box upstairs. He ate the majority of them... and so I yelled at him. Whoops. I've had very few preggo crazy moments but this was certainly one of them. I felt like the biggest jerk afterwards!
We came home, put all of our ingredients for White Chicken Chili (YUMMY!) in the crock pot and started cleaning. Quick side track here.... 1 jar of medium salsa, 16 oz of pepper jack cheese, 16oz of cheddar cheese, 20oz of chicken stock, 1 can of corn, 1 can of northern beans, and 2 or 3 cooked, cubed chicken breast(or turkey in today's case!). Throw it in the crock pot.... that's it. Even I can manage to not destroy this tasty recipe!

We cleaned... well I cleaned, and he destroyed. I folded socks, Parker threw them around the den. I windexed, Parker re-finger printed all the glass.... you get the picture.... typical cleaning session with a toddler!

Then came... NAP TIME! I had a big task to tackle during nap time today... figure out this serger! In my excitement, I opened the box and started pulling off the multi-colored thread the machine came threaded with. I attempted to thread it with my white thread, eager to get serging. IDIOT! 30 minutes later, I watched the instructional DVD. If I hadn't pulled those threads off, I could have just tied my thread to that thread and pulled it through.... instead, an hour and a half later (and multiple thoughts of sending it back and/or jumping out the window) I got it threaded!!!!!!!!!! Now we're up and serging! WOO HOO!

First project that included the use of my serger... a pink and white seersucker dress for Avery. I'm loving how it turned out... a few imperfections.... and I'll do a few things differently next time but overall, I'm very pleased!
Up close picture of the pink and white seersucker fabric and the white monogram, I love this font!
Here it is... on my dirty blinds. Maybe I'll tackle those tomorrow
I've recently enjoyed playing with the embroidery function on my sewing machine and different fonts I've downloaded online. Can you tell?
An apron my mom bought at Target, I jazzed up!
2 of the probably 10 monogrammed onesies in Avery's dresser. Might as well play with fonts with Avery's name, right?!

Parker hasn't been left out of the monogram madness either; however, I made a rookie mistake and used the wrong stabilizer... I've got that straightened out now! Be on the lookout for a whole new monogrammed spring and summer wardrobe! That is... if I can find boy's t-shirts without chest pockets! Anyone have a helpful hint here? I got the Kelly's Kids catalog in the mail today and I'm full of ideas which I wish included spending $42 a piece on shorts, tops, dresses etc but I'm struggling to justify that to myself.. much less Daniel! My "wish list" is getting pretty long! I better start wishing for a nanny if I plan to get them accomplished!!!!

One more picture of the cow.....
Love him.


  1. You are so funny Taylor. I love all the outfits and monogramming; I might have to send some things your way for Hannah Grace! And your little cow is precious.

  2. I'd be happy to! I would have sent her monogrammed things when I sent you those bows but I didn't know how to monogram then! She's precious! So happy for you!