Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calling on my prayer warriors!

I should be sweeping... or dusting...or doing laundry but none of that seems near as important as this. I need help. I need prayers and I will be the first to solicit them when needed. My life and my children are without a doubt the result of the power of prayer. SOO... without further adieu, I'm calling my prayer warriors again (who at this point should have skinned knees as much as I've had my prayer warriors on them in the last 3 years!)

As you may know, Daniel has been sick for over a week. He can usually rally during the day but is in bed within 30 minutes of being home/done with work. He's fatigued, feverish, has no appetite, has night sweats and feels in general yucky. He had a chest x ray that came back normal but his blood work came back abnormal. Daniel JUST called me (as I began paragraph number 2) to tell me that he called the doctor to discuss in more detail what exactly was "abnormal." Apparently his liver is producing more enzymes than it should. I have no idea what they means but Daniel told me it was not a huge deal. I'm 95% sure he told me that because I just puked in the toilet because I'm anxious and he wanted me to feel better but either way... it's worked. My heart feels somewhat less heavy after hearing that we at least know what "abnormal" is.

This morning I made the HUGE mistake of "web md-ing" his symptoms along with why they would ultrasound a liver and pretty much got the resounding answer of "liver cancer." I'm praying that elevated enzymes isn't something that would lead doctors to think "liver cancer" but I promised Daniel that I would stay OFF web md so I can't check.

Enough speculation... as it isn't helpful... at all! So here's the deal. I'm soliciting prayers for the follow:
1. Healing from whatever he has.
2. A quick diagnoses
3. Wisdom for the doctors
4. Peace for my spirit and Daniel's (who acts like everything is fine but I don't think he believes it.. such a strong man!)
5. That I'm able to stay calm for Avery. My blood pressure can't go up because once it does, it doesn't easily go back down which could lead to pre-eclampsia again and we're just NOT having another preemie birth!
6. For Parker that he stays ignorant to anything going on.. I don't want him to worry. He's at my amazing friend Holly's house (not napping and torturing her with Barney) so I can be with Daniel. I can't thank her enough for her help!
7. That I can be sympathetic, empathic, patient, compassionate and all things that I'm not. I'm a pull yourself up by your boot straps kind of girl and I know these are areas where God is growing me. Poor Daniel has to be my guinea pig.

That should be good for now... Thank you in advance for your prayers! I'm off to meet Daniel at the hospital. We have a 3:30 ultrasound today and an 11:45 appointment tomorrow to discuss the results.


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