Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't Take My Starbucks!

On Friday, my mom and I made a quick trip to Target. Of course, no trip to Target would be complete without swinging through the in store Starbucks! Parker knows Starbucks all too well and starts yelling "BOBBY" (which is what he calls soy milk... weird, I know) when he sees any Starbucks. I was trying to search for a cute maternity top and Parker was being fidgety in the cart so, being the mother of the year I am, I handed him my Starbucks (cold drink, obviously!) for a second so I could try on a top and entertain him at the same time. I quickly learned that the apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to the love for all things coffee! See for yourself!

If you're having problems viewing it here, you can watch it on You Tube here.


  1. Oh please leave that up... on bad days, I'm going straight for that video for a laugh. The end "exorcist" noise is THE best!

  2. haha. Thanks, Brittany! Welcome to having an almost 2 year old! The exorcist noise happens at least once a day...usually in public... just wait! SOOO fun but SOOO stubborn!

  3. hahahaha!! I can see my children mom had me drinking half coffee/half milk as a 6 year old (because my stepdad's from Brazil and apparently they give coffee to kids in bottles in the morning to wake them up?). Well, I never had coffee in a bottle, but I grew up LOVING coffee. So I think it's now embedded in the genes! My two year olds will be having coffee meltdowns around 2pm, I just know it!

  4. oh...emmm....geeee. that's so funny!! i was giggling out loud and my husband was looking at me like i was a loon!