Sunday, February 13, 2011


Never a dull moment in the Wise household! Today has been.... a struggle to say the least. Parker was diagnosed with RSV on Thursday and it's been an uphill battle since to get him to eat or drink ANYTHING. Last night we called the after hours pediatrician line and after a 2 1/2 hour wait were told to bring him in the morning. Daniel and I brought a fairly lifeless and jammie dressed Parker (YES, I, Taylor Wise, took him out in his jammies) to the doctor this morning and he was so super snuggly! He slept in between each test on my chest like he did when he was a newborn. They tested him for mono and other illnesses via blood test, pneumonia with a chest x-ray (holy cow is that contraption they put him in traumatizing... for me and him!) and did a snot test for the flu, strep and RSV. He has a virus that caused his RSV and we're excited to have answers but now we need healing! 
A few pics from when he perked up yesterday!
 He HAD to drink by 3pm... which didn't happen so as we were strapping him in the car seat to head to the ER, he took 4 sips of soy milk (which he's allowed to have... no worries!). Thank the Lord! I drove around the neighborhood with him, hoping he'd drink more or go back to sleep. Neither happened but he did perk up enough to sit in my lap in the driveway for about 45 minutes! It was a much needed breather! 

He didn't eat dinner but he did eventually drink 12 ounces of fluid so we should be good for the rest of the night. We gave him his steroid before he went to sleep at 6:30 and I just snuck in and did his breathing treatment while he was sleeping. He has to have it every 3 hours so I'll be setting my alarm for the next few nights to do it. It's 108.3 times easier to do while he's sleeping so it's worth it to make sure he at least gets a few good treatments in a day! We head back to the doctor tomorrow morning at 9:10 so hopefully he'll be on the upswing after a good night's sleep! Fingers crossed!

As for me... whew.... I have ups and downs. There are moments I'm running on empty and in tears and other moments when I feel at peace and energized. Right now is somewhere in between. I'm emotionally drained from taking care of Daniel and Parker but if given the opportunity to go and be anywhere else, I wouldn't be anywhere but here. I LOVE being a wife and mom... but this isn't the fun part! I'm SOOO ready for spring when the weather is nice, all these nasty viruses are GONE and we can play with friends again without the fear of illnesses!


  1. Bless your heart! You need a spa day! Preggo massage? Daniel--tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Hook the mama UP!

  2. Funny joke! A friend felt bad for me and made us baked spaghetti for V-day! Since he has mono, I'll just say it was one of the least romantic days ever. LOL Oh well! It's just a silly Hallmark holiday anyways! I did; however, lie today about what time my OBGYN appt was today so I could get some shopping in! :)