Tuesday, February 22, 2011

23 Months Old!

My goodness... Parker Alexander Wise.... you are 23 months old! In 1 month we will be playing in the indoor water park at Splash Planet celebrating your 2nd birthday!!!!!!!

Blurry but cute!

I figured I'd write a post about what you're into but writing one about what you're NOT into maybe be quicker! So.... you don't like having your face washed after a meal, your toe nails clipped or when the dogs try to steal your waffle (which happens EVERY morning so I make you 2!). DONE! :)

Kidding. Ok. You are SOOOO fun! You're high energy and you talk a lot! I don't always understand it and it's usually in 1 or 2 words mixed in with some of your favorite made up words. You love to tackle your dad and I and "bite" us which is where you open mouth kiss our checks. It's gross but I love you anyways. You get SOOO excited to see your daddy or I and you yell our names and "YAY!"

New this month:
*"Choo Choo" You have a select number of Thomas the Train shows you tolerate before wanting Barney again. You mostly just like the theme song.
*It's been nice enough to play outside and you ask to go "wee" (swing and slide) 45 times a day.
*You answer "no" for no and "nom" for yes. It's very confusing. You also say it 2-4 times just to make sure I got it.
*The Curious George goes to the Aquarium book is your new favorite but we can't actually read it. We must explain the pictures and "bite your finger" when the crab bites George's. Daddy doesn't do it right and you stick your finger in his mouth. I love it.
*You got super sick this month so we had LOTS of cuddle time! Now that you're feeling better you are SOOO happy! You got very bored at home and would grab the diaper bag, put it on your shoulder and say "bye bye!"
*You've enjoyed 2 trips to Discovery Place Kids this month (one of which gave you RSV). You LOVE it!
*You WILL not sit in the cart anywhere except the grocery store. You have to stand in the basket part and waive to EVERYONE. You rummage through the diaper bag looking for "yummies" (suckers) and if you find the Flip Video, you hold it up and say "CHEESE!" to everyone that passes us. I think it's ADORABLE!
*Your favorite phrases are "oh no!" "Oh boy" "alright!" "no no no no no" "no mine" "I go wee"
*You find our cell phones and hold them to your ear and talk. You ALWAYS end the call with "ummmm.... bye bye" A calculator also works:)
*You're still pretty easy to get to bed but being sick got you in the habit of crying for mommy and I came... trying to break that now! You took 2 hours to go to sleep tonight!!!!
*I can't thank you enough for not caring what you wear! Mommy started a new business (www.rompersandruffles.com) and it's all about applique! You are my model and you rock my designs almost on a daily basis now. It's the marketer in me. Please never like Buzz Lightyear or characters.
You can buy this shirt at www.rompersandruffles.com! It's the alligator patch!
 Tonight your dad made me make you a shirt with this airplane. I bet you'll be wearing it tomorrow!

Your dad and I LOVE you to PIECES! You're such a fun boy with a sweet spirit. You pray at EVERY meal and it melts my heart! Even though we don't take you to church right now (since you FLIP OUT and you and the rest of all 1-2 year olds have been sick this winter), I love knowing that you're learning how to be thankful to the Lord for your blessings. You are such a joy to us! Happy 23 months!


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