Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mono Man-Child

Did I really just order Parker's 2nd birthday party invitation?!?! Yes I did... holy moly time flies.
This sweet little face will be 2 in March which sounds forever away but it's just next month! 

Can you tell we took him to the park the second he woke up from a nap?! Major bed head!
Thankfully, it's not until the end of March because I'm not ready for him to be 2. I cried a good portion of the day he turned 1. This is making me anxious so we have to change subjects!

I suppose I need to fill you all in on the ups and downs from Thursday-Saturday with Daniel. The saying "life is a roller coaster" was written about my life. You thought it was about yours? Nope... Where did I leave off? Basically, his ultrasound came back that he had an enlarged spleen and liver. His test results confirmed mono which was the BEST CASE scenario and we were praising God (and still are) for that diagnoses! The next day (Friday) his lever function test came back that he had elevated uric acid and LDH levels. SO the doctor wanted to have a full body CT scan to look for lymphoma and leukemia. Breathe in, Breathe out! While this was tough news, Daniel and I both had peace about this. We figured the scan would come back clean but if it didn't... we'd deal. We've conquered cancer before and if we had to, we'd just do it again. THANKFULLY, Saturday afternoon, the doctor called with the GREAT news that his scans were clean! PRAISE THE LORD! He'll have a few more blood panels run throughout the coming weeks to make sure his uric acid, liver enzymes and LDH all go back to normal. So for now... Daniel is like a newborn (great practice for Avery!).... he sleeps, eats when he wants, whines (only occasionally), poops then goes back to sleep!

All things considered, the events of this week have definitely made me realize that I will take my mono ridden, man-child of a husband ANY DAY over the thought of life without him! Prayers for continued strength for Daniel, rest and healing. For me... patience, empathy, sympathy, strength, the ability to handle everything that Daniel can't while he's sick, super mom abilities, a maid (what? how did that get on my prayer list?!) :) Thank you again for all of your prayers and sweet messages throughout the last week! I think we're finally off the major scary roller coaster and back on the kiddie one!


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