Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Makeover!

How do you like it? Pretty huh?! In honor of my 100th post, I wanted a new, snazzy blog template and searched all over the web until I found this one! Originally I wanted a header with a picture BUT how am I EVER to choose one picture and when I want to change it, how in the world do I do that?! I'm certainly NOT a tech guru! At the end of the day, I'm definitely happy with the results I got! This blog certainly does NOT lack pictures so I doubt you'll be jonesing for one in the blog header ;)

This was supposed to be revealed on the 100th post (woo hoo!) BUT Alicia at Dreamlike Magic Designs is SOOOO fast, she installed it today, making it my 99th post! I found this template on etsy and was immediately drawn to the polka dots, colors and swirls! How very girly and whimsical, I thought. You know, I'm all about the whimsy. haha. Anyways, she was a breeze to work with, super affordable AND she installed it for me which is what sealed the deal! Check it out... I have a button. I have no idea what you use it for but apparently is has a code... and you grab it. I don't know what you grab it for... but grab away! It's cute! PLUS, check out that snazzy signature. How very bloggerish of me, right? I feel so legit now!


  1. Oooo, I LOVE love LOVE the makeover!! Mine needs a good spring cleaning too, but I just haven't found one that's 'me' yet. Yours is definitely you! LOVE it!

  2. haha you are so funny! i love it. and i will add your blog button to my "blog roll" =)

  3. New design looks fantastic!! I gave you a stylish blogger award so check it out: