Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday....and I'm not a huge birthdayer past the age of 21. Now, it's basically a day where I feel I can ask for a few favors and people can't say no. :) So far today, Daniel got up with Parker so I could sleep in, he made pancakes and he's making burgers for dinner. There is also a Dairy Queen ice cream cake waiting for me in the deep freezer! I bought myself some flowers at the grocery store without Daniel complaining that they're a waste of money (side note: tulips are on sale at Harris Teeter for $2.99!) and Holly delivered me a tasty Sbux frap! I also bought 40 BIG spools of thread (for $50 bucks! Killer deal!) and that came in today so basically, it's been a GREAT day!

You know what's been overwhelming? The 200 birthday facebook posts I've received! I am feeling the love today! You know who's giving me LOADS of b'day love today?
This little dude!
He is currently spooning me watching Thomas the Train. It's nap time and he'll crash in a few minutes but for now, I'm cherishing these moments! He's been super sweet, huggy and well behaved! He "baked" me a cake and poured me a nice cup of coffee this morning from his play kitchen. What a perfect birthday present from an almost 2 year old! My heart is full and blessed and that makes today a WONDERFUL birthday!

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