Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daniel update

We're back from the ultrasound and Daniel is "resting" as he calls it.... he tells me this every night since he's been sick(between 5pm and 6pm) and then I wake him up the next morning when the alarm (that I set) goes off. According to Daniel, the ultrasound went well. They focused on his liver but also scanned surrounding organs and in between his ribs. He said he felt tender in some places so I'm assuming something is probably swollen... but that's my very non-medical degree assumption.

After the ultrasound he asked to go to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant since he hasn't been allowed to eat all day. He ate a few chips and about 5 bites of his dinner and said he was full and was getting hot flashes so he drove himself home while I paid the tab and went to go pick Parker up. I won't lie... I'm worried about him BUT being able to see him (since he's been at work all day) is comforting. I like being able to look into his eyes to gauge if he's telling me the truth. I like the jokes he said at dinner and I knowing he isn't overdoing himself. If it were up to me, he'd stay in bed until I we had appointments so I know he isn't stressed and where he is!

The doctor reffered us to the Mayo Clinic site to give us an idea of what elevated liver enzymes mean and what they're going to be testing for. Some items are already ruled out and others are not but I'm not sure what they are. Tomorrow morning I plan to take this list to the doctor's appointment with us to cross off each one that's been ruled out. Each one that isn't ruled out yet needs a "plan of action." I have a feeling this doctor may get irritated with me but I bet if she were in the same situation with her husband, I bet she'd be just as proactive. Elevated liver enzymes can often resolve themselves and be minor. This COULD be the case along with a secondary infection that's causing his other symptoms but then we'd have to start the hunt for the other infection and finding his elevated enzymes would have been a fluke from checking his blood work. SO... they're going the path of the infection and elevated enzymes being caused from the same problem. I'll keep you all informed about the results tomorrow! Prayers until then!

To lighten the mood... while we were in the hospital, Parker was giving himself and a female companion a bath! Apparently Holly had Brooklyn, Piper and Parker all upstairs and Piper and Parker climbed in the tub fully clothed and gave themselves a bath! haha. I wish I had a picture of that! Thankfully, I packed him a 2nd outfit just in case of an accident but i wasn't expecting that to be the accident!  Silly boy!

I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a caring bridge site. It will resume to its usual lighthearted banter and pictures of my silly boy soon but this is just where we are in our lives right now. My life isn't all cupcakes and sunshine but I certainly prefer the days that are! I appreciate everyone's sweet messages and prayers while we go through a little "brussel sprouts and rain." Maybe brussel sprouts doesn't make sense if you like them... but you get the point!Tomorrows forecast: Hopefully back to cupcakes and sunshine!!!


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