Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Need a Good Laugh? ...and an announcement!!!

I haven't had a good laugh til you cry, kind of laugh in quite some time. I prefer for these kinds of laughs to not be at my expense but these days, I'll take what I can get!

Today, I got 2 1/2 heavenly hours out of the house! I HAD to have my gestational diabetes test this week and today was the ONLY day I could work it out. I put Parker down for a nap and headed out (early so I could get about 40 mins of "me time" in first! WHICH... I spent shopping for spring clothes for the kids!) Go figure. 

As usual, when I got to the OBGYN office they had me give them a "sample." You should know this is only the 2nd time I've been to this practice but like the 100th sample I've given in my life....the first 99 all successfully.This time; however, I managed to donate a gracious sample and then proceed to...... yes it is going there........ drop it. I spilled the ENTIRE cup of urine ALL.OVER.THE.FLOOR. 

Epic  failure. I had 2 options.... cry or laugh. I figured laughing would get me further and would avoid maybe some of the embarrassment of explaining my "situation" to the nurses. The good news: apparently it happens all the time. The bad news: now I'm seriously grossed out that pee is all over the floor on a frequent basis. I figure, now I've made my grand entrance into the new OBGYN practice and it can only go uphill from here, right? BUT then I remembered why I'm there..... childbirth... and I was immediately no longer embarrassed by my clumsiness!

Now... onto more exciting stuff! I have been asked by many people to open an etsy shop. My friend Tabitha and I are SUPER excited to announce that we will be starting a website called Rompers and Ruffles full of bows, beanies, kids clothes and accessories! It's not quite done yet but when it is, I'll let you know! We decided that to drum up more business, we would each also start etsy shops since most people go there to buy custom items. My little shop won't carry the full line of Rompers and Ruffles items but it will have some of the items I'm hoping to sell the most of. (aka... items that take less than 45 minutes to complete...nap time projects!) I'll be adding items regularly and only have a few items currently listed but I'm too excited to not announce it! Soo... without further adieu, I give you my etsy shop: The Polka Dot Palmetto!
New items will be listed regularly so check back frequently or message me for custom orders! This logo will remain on the right hand side of my blog if you ever need a quick access link just click the logo :)


  1. Taylor, we'll start "trying" in May...and then I will begin daydreaming about my custom baby monogrammed stuff which I will be ordering from you! I also have a friend named Jenna who will be having babies in the next couple of years that absolutely LOVES monogrammed stuff! So you will definitely have two customers out of us! <3

  2. YAY! What an exciting time for you!

  3. Taylor - that is awesome! I can't believe you can get that up and running while preggers, taking care of Daniel, and taking care of Parker. You're like some kind of super hero. :o)

  4. I'm excited for your Etsy shop!! I don't know how you have time to do all that you do!! You're way more productive than I am!! We'll probably be frequent customers cause your stuff is so STINKIN CUTE!