Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I did it again... I was a bad blogger and went MIA for 8 days! Ekk! Quick recap:

Parker and I visited my grandparents for 3 days this week. We had a blast and I really couldn't have asked Parker to be any better than he was. I was so proud of him! He was a DELIGHTFUL car rider and quietly watched "Dabo" (Barney) in the back seat both there and back. Why I didn't purchase a car DVD player quit some time ago is beyond me.... worth every penny!

I came home to a disaster of a house.... I had to make a path to the kitchen through my husband's sea of cardboard boxes! He bought himself a computer for his Christmas/30th birthday present and heaven forbid he buy a Dell. No... he built his own. Which apparently requires 4 UPS deliveries a day for a week. I will say, I'm really impressed at his ability to build his own computer but man does Newegg (website) put tiny parts in gigantic boxes! Parker is in HEAVEN with all these "airplanes," "houses" and "cars." I love his precious imagination. Tonight he is finishing it up and I pray the boxes find their way to the recycling center soon. Daniel and Parker; however, think it's awesome!

Tonight I finally tackled Mt. Saint Laundry. It got a bit out of control. I am wonderful at washing... not so much at the folding and putting it up part unless I do it the second it comes out of the dryer.... which clearly was not the case... for days. BUT now it's done and that feels good!

I think Daniel knew in advance that he was about to take over the kitchen table with computer parts and boxes so to appease me, he found my dream double stroller (Baby Jogger City Select) on end of year sale and bought it for me. :) YAY. I love saving just shy of $200 on an item I was going to buy anyways at full price eventually! I suppose it has helped make me slightly more patient with the clutter. Check out all those combinations!

Daniel knows the way to my heart.... coffee. Well this week I became the proud owner of.... a Mr. Coffee Frappe maker. I'm not normally cool with appliances as gifts to show affection but this one was a winner. I'm in love! I have been brewing tasty treats now for 3 days and can honestly say the Indian Land Starbucks is probably going to have to file bankruptcy. If you still need something to put on your Christmas list, I VERY HIGHLY recommend this! It's easy to use, quick to clean and the drinks turn out great! I also love the recipe book it came with and have started to venture out and try my own concoctions all of which have been yummy! Isn't she lovely?

It's that time of year again.... Christmas cards! Parker's face has finally cleared up from his reaction so I wanted to go ahead and get a card-worthy shot but between being 20 months old, having 0 attention span for pictures and teething those nasty K9's the pictures are far from card-worthy. I'm giving it one more shot tomorrow and if it doesn't work, I have 1 picture that's my backup plan.
Side Note to all you snap happy moms: If you think putting your child in a bathtub full of bubbles and ball ornaments... think again. It sounds cute but who knew ornaments combust when they get waterlogged and warm? hmm... I don't remember that being on the ornament box! Parker thought it was hilarious and thus my 1 almost card-worthy shot but cleaning that up was no fun!

This is not the card worthy shot but it is cute nonetheless! (pre-combustion)

Lastly, and most excitingly, check the baby blog for more details BUT... it's 100%.... we're having a GIRL! YAY! Miss. Avery Madison is due May 12th, 2011! We couldn't be more excited!


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