Friday, December 31, 2010

We love our buddies!

Have I mentioned that we love our buddies? We are in the midst of such a fun time in out lives right now! Our babies are becoming toddlers and many of our bellies are growing the next "crop" of babies! It's so wonderful to know that many of the buddies that Parker currently has are going to be big brothers and sisters within a few weeks (May - August) of each other. That makes play dates for each of the kids (and me!) so much more enjoyable!I love living life with these families!

We hosted play date on Wednesday and Daniel got to see the madness for the 1st time! It was so fun having him home to see what I "do." He escaped to the man room a few times but did come down for meals! What a guy! His pupils didn't dilate quite as big as I was expecting when he saw the mess! The good news is toys pick up and go back where they belong super fast with 5 helpers!
The boys eating their pancakes!
Barney trance!
Parker and Logan
The kids ate pancakes and watched Barney while the adults had coffee, pancakes and adult conversation.... with the occasional interjection of "no sirs!" "we don't hit's!" and "you need to share's!" haha. Moms, isn't it amazing how we can be carrying on a conversation, interject a "warning" to the toddler and continue our conversation like nothing happened! (ie: "Last night Daniel and I were watching Fox News Parker give that back to Brooklyn and we both really enjoyed the George Bush interview.") Such mulitaskers!

We had so much fun, everyone stayed for lunch too so we went freezer diving and make salads, chicken nuggets, tater tots and apple slices. Next time, I'll try to be more prepared with an actual meal! Oh well.... we were just having too much fun and time crept up on us! We love our buddies!

In other Wise Family news, it's a.... pteranodon?
In all honesty, we have NO IDEA what kid of dinosaur we hatched but we are now the completely indifferent owners of this little fella. haha. He is kind of gooey so Parker refuses to touch him. Into the depths of the toy box he goes but the anticipation of him hatching was fun!

In more pertinent Wise Family news, Parker has now slept 2 nights (3 including tonight) in his big boy bed and taken 1 nap. The crib is now officially Avery's and he isn't allowed to sleep in it anymore (according to "the books" once the change is made, you can't revert!). Bedtime has been a breeze all 3 nights and naptime was considered a success since he never actually got out of bed. He did; however, learn that the top bunk slats are perfect for swinging like a monkey. After 20-30 minutes of tears and swinging, he eventually laid down and went to sleep. WOO HOO! All things considered, I couldn't be more proud of him. This transition has been WAY easier than I'd expected.

I can't believe 2011 will be here in just 3 hours but the fireworks being shot off outside my house are a nice/not so nice (if you have a sleeping toddler) reminder! Thank goodness the dogs aren't barking at them this year and waking Parker up! Ringing in the New Year makes the reality of Avery seem so much closer. I used to be able to say she'll be here next year. Now I will be saying "she'll be here in 4-5 months!" CRAZY! I don't know about you, but we had a wonderful 2010 and look forward to an AMAZING 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our buddies!!!


  1. you are so fortunate to have that many play buddies around! bella's best buddy is moving in a few days (which means mommy's friend is moving too). your play group sounds wonderful =)

    and yay p-man on sleeping in a big boy bed!! that is really exciting!

  2. Thanks, Justine! We really enjoy our friends! They all live in either our neighborhood or a neighborhood just down the road. When we picked our house, we drove the neighborhoods we were interested in looking for people who looked to be in the same place in their lives as we are. It's paid off with lots of buddies! We've also met some at MyGym. :) I'm sorry your buddy is moving! Hopefully more move in soon!