Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper!

I've decided my son is like a border collie. He needs a task or he gets bored and gets into stuff. Thursday, I told Parker we had lots of cleaning to do and he was ON IT! While I was unloading the dishwasher, he disappeared and about 10 minutes later I found him with a rag and a pump bottle of shampoo! He had shampooed all of the toys in his room as well as his big boy bed, the couch and various spots on the carpet. Bless his heart, he was trying so hard to be helpful I just couldn't be mad!

Next we baked, Parker helped by entertaining himself with a cake pan and licking the spoon.
 Cake pans apparently double as a hat....
Then we tried to organize baby clothes to keep (in case of #3), consign or Goodwill. Parker wasn't too thrilled about giving away any of his clothes so he removed them all in protest and sat in the box.
Our next task was LAUNDRY! Question of the century... what happens to all those missing socks? You know when people ask you, "If you could ask God one question what would it be?" I think this is mine... "Where in the world do our socks go?" These are all of my mate-less socks!
 It was getting close to bed time but the work wasn't done! What a big help swiffering!
He swiffered, I wet jetted... what a team. I hope he still wants to sweep when he's 8 and can actually do it without me having to go behind him and do it again!
All that cleaning wore him out! Watching me clean must have also just exhausted Daniel haha!
In all actuality, it's 75% more difficult to accomplish ANY task because he destroys faster than I can clean but he does seem to have good intentions. He desires to help and he's got such as encouraging spirit! I'll tell Parker that we're "all done" with this task and he'll yell and clap "ALRIGHT!" Man, does that just melt my heart.... even if I do have to clean 3 other "new" messes before accomplishing my next daily task!


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