Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Wisdom

.... in which I am in no place to give but will impose on all of my readers anyways. haha.

1. When your child is sick, leave them at HOME! I do not appreciate taking my healthy son in public, to a play date or party and bringing him home with a bug. If you HAVE to go somewhere while said child is sick, tag team with your spouse. I know, it's tough... I of all people hate being cooped up but I don't want to let Parker get other people sick. Don't be "that mom!" PPLLLEEAASSSSEEEEE!
Note: If you take nothing out of this blog post... take this.... Parker has now been sick for over a week and is sleeping most nights in increments of 3 hours because his nose crusts over with snot and he can't breathe.... it's awful.... for everyone!

2. Dear excessive speeder/bumper rider: If I'm in the right hand lane driving the speed limit on the interstate and no one is in the left hand lane, get into and GO! It puts everyone at risk to tail a car so closely that I can't see your lights or hood.

The nasty wisdom is over... on to nicer wisdom

3. If you have a child that fights sleep in the car... get a portable DVD player and buy the Praise baby or Classical Baby (HBO Family series)... they'll be out within 10 minutes and you get to listen to pleasing music.

4. The Disney Greatest Hits CD WILL put a smile on your face even driving in traffic. Who can't smile listening to "Hakuna Matata," "A Whole New World" or "Beauty and the Beast?!"

5. You can get some crazy good deals on eBay for nice kids clothes! I've recently racked up on New with Tags Gymboree clothes for Avery and Parker. Some of which I've paid $1.99 for! I love getting these little packages in the mail where the tag says $26.99 for a dress and the invoice says $7.99! SCORE! eBay and I have become best buddies while stuck at home.

6. Everyone should visit Charleston, SC at least once. It's a beautiful town with so much history. It's one of my favorite places to go and it only takes me 3 hours from my house to be on the beach! Parker and I visited friends there the last 2 days but had to come home a bit early because he wasn't feeling well. Regardless, its a quick and beautiful trip! You must go!

7. I got my Baby Jogger City Select stroller in and have made the official decision that unless you have triplets, this is the only stroller you should look at! haha. It's a single, that becomes a double if you add the 2nd seat. The 2nd seat is a full seat, not a rumble seat and if you place the sun shade on the highest setting, the seats are super tall. Both seats face forward, backwards, each other, etc. Check out all those combination. It's my new "must have" baby item.

8. Send Christmas cards with a picture if you want me to keep it. Harsh but it's the truth.

9. If you have a toddler, start your Christmas ornaments halfway up the tree. It looks silly BUT it keeps the ornaments from becomes "BALLS!"

Well that's about all of the wisdom Mr. Parker is going to let me impart on you right now as he's currently standing on the edge of the couch yelling "JUMPING!" How he has so much energy with such little sleep is beyond me... it's just one of "those" days!


  1. i have 3 ornaments this year and they are directly under the angel... however, coleman desperately wants those 3!!! haha!

  2. haha! I feel ya! Ours have been creeping higher and higher. We've lost 11 or 12 this year!

  3. These crack me up! Number 1 - I could not agree with you more! I have gotten sick from being around a sick child more than once and it is quite irritating!