Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Toddler Tidbits

People always told me when I was pregnant: "Buy a good pair of running shoes!" "Boys are busy!" "Boys love their mommies!" things like that (and all have definitely turned out to be true) ... BUT... as a mom of a toddler boy I'd like to add to the list of these tidbits of wisdom/facts.

1. Hearths are truck parking. You should not expect to ever decorate again with candles, vases or anything that impedes the truck's abilities to reverse into a prime parking spot.
2. You must fake all holiday pictures weeks in advance to the holiday on the 1st day that any facial contusion is no longer visable. Toddler boys have cuts and bruises for EVERY major holiday so if you want that awesome shot... take it another day!
Taken the 1st week of December
The week of Christmas
 3. As seen in the above picture, combining hot dogs with any other food source insures consumption of said "veggie" (in this case carrots and broccoli)

4. The term "pick your battles" means "yes, eventually you will take your son to Target wearing aqua socks because they're the only shoes he'll let you put on his feet, it's snowing and you need toilet paper NOW."
5. Chinese take out shrimp and lobster sauce containers are not for left overs.... they're for hatching dinosaurs.
6. Boys are simple minded. They're just as thrilled to be "given" a dog bone as they are a $100 toy. In fact, said $100 toy has been rewrapped to be regifted for his birthday. He preferred the $4.99 dog bone.

I hope you find these tidbits from personal experience to he helpful and humorous! :)


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