Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Boy Bed Night #1

Guess who is asleep in his big boy bed?! Parker is! You already knew that if you read facebook or received my text because I was SOOOO nervous about making this transition that when he did it without a fight, I flipped and sent out a notification via every media I could think of. My grandparents have even received an email of the accomplishment. haha. I'd go take a picture if I felt the flash wouldn't wake him up but I'm not taking any risk! Go Parkerman! What a big accomplishment!

Because I know I'll NEVER remember to write this in Parker's baby book. I suppose I should document the milestone!

On December 29th, you officially became a "big boy" and slept in your "big boy bed" for the first time! At 7pm, we started your bedtime routine. We watched the "Celebrating Around the World" Barney episode with your "bobby" (sippy cup of milk), Dabo (Barney doll), 2 baby dolls, and blanket. When it was over, we told you that Dabo has to go "night night" in the big boy bed and so do you. We hyped your big boy bed up all afternoon. We laid you in it, turned your music on and you never sat up! You rolled to your side, started rubbing your hair and put yourself to sleep in less than 10 minutes! No tears and no escaping!!!! We couldn't be more proud of you! Way to go big boy!

I'm skeptical of how nap times will go as they can sometimes be a fight but tonight we're rejoicing over the victory!

Here is my favorite link I found if you're interested in transitioning your toddler to a "big boy" or "big girl" bed. We went straight from the crib to twin bunk beds but I figured the steps would be the same if you were transitioning to a toddler bed first.

From aha parenting:

Sweet dreams!  Fingers crossed the Wise Family will!


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