Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God smacked me in the face

Today was one of those days where I felt like I was living the lyrics of a country music song. You know the kind... the my dog died and I ran out of beer kind. My dog didn't die and I can't run out of beer if I don't actually ever buy it but you get the point. My day unwillingly started at 4:40am and never ceased! Daniel's car had problems and Parker apparently woke up with the inability to listen. Every time I have a day like this, I simply get overwhelmed. I'm just ready to go to sleep and start over... then the Lord meets me where I am and tells me I'm too blessed to feel this way and gives me a nice smack across the face. Today's hit close to home.

I was reading blog updates and ran across this.  The Harrison family has 2 PRECIOUS 20 month old twin girls and one unexpectedly died of meningitis in the last few days. Can you imagine? My heart hurts SOO badly for them. Little Evie was the exact same age as Parker and man did that hit too close to home. Her parents never knew she was sick... they put her to sleep and she never woke up. I can't explain how hard I squeezed my little man before I kissed him goodnight this evening. Suddenly, Daniel's car problems and my 4 1/2 hour night of sleep seem so insignificant. Please keep the Harrison family in your prayers!

Before bed, I couldn't help but snap pictures (79 of them to be exact) of Parker doing what he does best... playing and destroying a room. Nothing spectacular but today they seem priceless.
Waiving "bye bye" on the choo choo
There is something so precious in the way he says "buh bye!"

Lovin' on the choo choo (that doesn't live in our kitchen but found a place there for today)
Getting lots of tickle and wrestling time with daddy. Clearly he loves it!
Watching "Dabo" (Barney) with daddy. You know he's tired when the hand starts petting his hair!
We get super excited about penguins.
Mommy taught him well... go straight for the microwave!
If only this vacuum actually sucked, my floors would be spotless!
Who needs to shoot a ball when you can shoot a gladiator helmet?
I'm 99% sure he at least touched every toy he owns and pulled it onto the floor in the 20 minutes we played in his room. We hope he's a lot more gentle with this baby sister than he is Buzz!
Just a little morning cup of Joe before watering the flowers.
He's FINALLY figured out how to get shapes through the maze without screaming at it out of frustration. Isn't it so fun to watch them accomplish little tasks that used to frustrate them?!
Practicing his colors with daddy.
He got about 6 extra stories tonight because Daniel and I are suckers.
I've decided... if Parker wakes me up at 4:40am again instead of being SUPER annoyed (I know, me? never?) I'm going to rejoice that my precious baby who I couldn't IMAGINE a day without woke up... albeit WAAYYY too early. Some times you need a nudge and sometimes you need a slap in the face. Today... God smacked me in the face. My life is FAR from a bad country music song. It's a gift and it's one I plan to appreciate much more!


  1. My neighbor's 16 year old grandson and his 17 year old best friend were killed in a car accident yesterday. I started to get irritated at something today and stopped to think, "At least I'm not planning my son's funeral today."

  2. this is my fear every night when bella sleeps for more than 6 hours at a time. i mean, i don't live in fear, but i can't help but fight it back every night in the back of my mind.

    i have a very close friend who lost her son at 6 months. it is so hard to imagine.

    anyway, parker looks like he is having so much fun before bed! i giggled a little at the pics of him on the train! love it.

  3. Cayce, I saw that in the news as well. I swear EVERY time that I have a pity party because my day is going "badly" God shows me someone who is in a circumstance so far beyond my worst nightmare that it snaps me RIGHT out of it!

    Justine, Parker woke up 3 times last night screaming (he's sick) and I wasn't remotely mad of frustrated today! Any other day, I'd be super tired and cranky... not today! I felt so blessed that my son woke up!

    I had a nightmare that caused me to live in fear for quite some time. I bought a video monitor and would turn it up so I could hear him breath. There were nights I would sleep in a sleeping bag on his floor. It became consuming. I had to ask for freedom from that but it's SOO hard not to worry. I'm not one of those people who can think "it won't happen to me" ... because in many cases, it has!

  4. This was on my mind last night and all day today, absolutely heartbreaking.