Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Day After Christmas! Are you hitting up the after Christmas sales? I'm not! We did last year but this year it's snowing and beautiful! I can't pull myself away from being snuggled on the couch! Parker is thoroughly enjoying pointing out each flake as it falls.... "Mommy, snow!" We may take him out in it a bit later but for now, we're warm, dry and considering breakfast!

We had a wonderful, albeit somewhat overwhelming Christmas! We started the festivities on Christmas Eve with a yummy pancake breakfast at home.
Mr. Parkerman was running a fever on Christmas Eve so just a few hours after waking up, he crashed on the couch. Must have been my delicious pancakes!
We headed to my parent's house for an afternoon of gingerbread house making and Christmas Eve service.
I think we should enter this into some sort of contest. haha. It's a hippie's house, we meant for it to look ugly and crazy colors... sort of.
On Christmas eve, we were halfway done baking Miss. Avery! YEAH for 20 weeks!
We each got to open a present on Christmas Eve (tradition) so Parker got to play with his new car which was not actually a Christmas present but it took us a while to assemble it so it just happened that the first time it was ready to be played with was on Christmas Eve. He LOVED it!

Daniel, Parker and I came back to our house to sleep and were up just a few hours later to do presents at our house! Unfortunately, Parker didn't understand it was a special day. He's such a creature of habit that he was totally uninterested. After about an hour and a half he perked up a bit (probably due to the breakfast of Reese Cups he consumed) and found a 99 cent dog toy and bone under the tree. These entertained him until we were ready to leave to head back up to my parent's house.
 We celebrated with my parents, sister, aunt and BOTH sets of grandparents thus the sinfully overwhelming tree.
I think I got "unwrapping thumb" (I'm sure this is a medically relevant term) from opening my presents and Parker's! One thing is for sure, we have LOTS of people that love our family. Next year, I think we're going to have to set some boundaries with 2 kids! As it is, we had to leave some of the presents just to be able to bring Parker home too! I can't imagine how crazy it will be with 2 kids next year! I think we're going to have to instate something like "You can each give him/her 1 present" rule just to not have to rent a second vehicle to bring it home next year! Parker was so overwhelmed, he went and sat in another room and played with his old toys. He didn't get it this year like I thought he would but I'm sure he will next year!

We finished the day at Daniel's mom's boyfriend's house. I got VERY few pictures because by that time, neither he nor his cousin had napped and they were DONE. We ate, unwrapped presents and left fairly quickly due to the massive amounts of snow falling at their house only to come home to nothing here! (which changed overnight! Hello winter wonderland!)
Like I said... bad pictures.... Parker was D.O.N.E He grabbed my keys out of the diaper bag many times and walked to the door. He was just going to drive himself home!
 Not to focus on what we "got" but I sure am excited about a few gifts in particular. 1. Some amazingly soft Victoria Secret Flannel jammies that are still pretty but SO warm and comfy! 2. My Keurig coffee maker 3. Daniel's Cheesecake Factory gift card because this is obviously also a gift for me! 4. a HUGE vile of rainbow sprinkles. If you know me, you know how thoughtful of a gift that was! I think these are my "top 4" favorites not including our annual money scavenger hunt.

It's a good thing Parker got a toy bin for Christmas because he got more toys than will fit in it. We've already decided some are going back to grandma's house so he has some toys there too. I've inspected each of the 11 cars he got and the one without an off button is already in that pile!

Here are a few other random pictures that I liked from Christmas 2010!
The Carr's!
Kissing Mimi
Showing off his muscles!
Kelly in her annual Christmas Eve Onesie
Parker enjoyed 2 of the oddest gifts of Christmas 2010. A terracotta wine chiller and a rice hat from China Town.
Picture with grandaddy
Picture with Poppop
Picture with Dad!
Doing his VERY best to sit in his car AND watch Barney
Me and mom (and Avery!)
We actually manages to get a picture of the 2 of us! This NEVER happens!!!!!!!!!!

I pray you all had a wonderful and Merry Christmas! I know we sure did! Now, off to brave the snow for the proverbial milk, bread and Campbell's soup that all Southerns buy when it snows!


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