Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Bargains!

As promised, if my crazy but awesome friend, Holly, got up at 3am and went to Belk's and bought me a snazzy pair of boots, I'd write a glowing blog about her awesomeness! Well here it is! She delivered! Holly battled the crowd of Black Friday crazies and managed to make it out alive without a single broken bone, black eye or bruise! She does admit to a little bumping but I hear these $17 suede boots were worth it!

All jokes aside, it doesn't surprise me one bit that Holly was at the mall at 3am to buy these boots. Not because she's insane (well sort of) or because she so desperately wanted them... but because another friend and I wanted them also. She's THAT kind of friend. She knows I love Starbucks and she surprises me with them frequently. When I'm in a bind with childcare, she's never once said no to keeping Parker. Every time I come to pick him up, he never wants to leave her house. I entrust approximately 5 people to watch Parker and she's #2 behind my own mother! She's my "go to" buddy for fun kid adventures which makes being a stay at home mom infinitely more enjoyable! I feel so blessed to call Holly my friend and I'd feel that way even if she didn't brave the Belk crazies this morning for my boots!

Daniel woke me up this morning at 6:30 and asked me if I wanted to go to Best Buy. I didn't but I did want to go to Target which is right across the street. I agreed to going anyways because when Daniel is in a shopping mood (which is maybe twice a year) I usually make out pretty well! :) We ended up not going to Best Buy because Daniel remembered he could get what he wanted cheaper online but we did "brave" Target at 7am. I was prepared for lines and picked over aisles but I got EVERYTHING I wanted from the circular and it was still at the doorbuster price. YIPPEE!

Side note: did you know people get up and shower to look nice to Black Friday shop? Daniel and I showed up in sweats and no make up with Parker and his jammies and I was kinda embarrassed! Everyone else was showered, hair done (which was dumb since it's pouring rain) and all decked out in accessories. I was proud of myself for putting on a bra under my sweatshirt. That was my accessory! 

Let me just tell you how excited I am about one of our purchases... We picked up a dual screen car DVD player. My car trips to my parents, Atlanta and the zoo are about to become WAY more enjoyable! I would have paid full price for this treasure but why do that when you can pay 60% less (and still sleep until 6:30?!) SO excited to install these puppies!
I also picked up a few Christmas presents. Who doesn't love spending $3.99 on a DVD?! I snagged Marley and Me, The Blind Side, Elf and a Princess Movie. The kids at the Levine Children's Hospital should really enjoy these! Speaking of which, if anyone wants to donate a toy, contact me! I'm taking them the week before Christmas. I also picked up the $3.99 Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherrio, a matching game and Candy Land for some buddies and the Levine Children's Hospital kids. Oh the memories I have playing Candy Land!

Did anyone else grab any killer deals? Happy Black Friday! The rest of mine will be filled with wrapping presents, cleaning the house and hosting my family for dinner! I'm making my specialty... Stouffer's Party Size Lasagna. Only the best for those I love most!


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