Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Recently, I saw a post on a friend's blog about 50 FREE Shutterfly Christmas Cards for blogging about how awesome Shutterfly is! That is right up my alley! I am a lover of ALL things Shutterfly! If you're on my snail mail list, you probably get a Shutterfly Card of Parker for most major holidays... including my all time favorite of Parker's naked hiney with a big lipstick kiss planted on it for Valentine's Day. I started looking at all of my options for Christmas cards and I'm at a loss. There are SOOO many cute ones! Here are my current front runners:

I like the simplicity of this one AND it's perfect if I only get 1 good shot of us as a family which is definitely a possibility with a squirmy wormy toddler! Plus I love the polka dots and initial!
This one is great if I get a few good shots and can't decide which to use. I frequently have this problem as well! What mom doesn't think every picture of their baby is the best picture ever? Once again, I love the initial, the use of brown and Christmas colors and the date stamp.
This one is also a good option. We have had such an amazing year, it's tough to just sign a card, "Love the Wise Family." I've got lots to say so this would be perfect!
Lastly, this is classy and I love it! Something about black, white and red is just pretty. This card is also a great option if Parker's face hives still aren't cleared up. Skin always looks prettier in black and white ... unless you have perfect olive skin (jealous!).... not me and my family! We're more Twilightish.
Decisions, Decisions. I'm excited to get started on them!

My favorite Christmas gift is the photo book I make every year for our parents and grandparents. Of course, they always turn out so cute, I have to have one printed for myself too! Uploading photos is quick and editing the photos is easy... even for me and I'm a self-proclaimed technologically challenged individual!

Last year for Mother's Day I made the cutest small calendar for my mom to carry around with her. She LOVED it! I think all of her friends have probably been forced to look at it more than once! This year, I'm making one for family members for Christmas. Who doesn't need a yearly calender and EVEN more importantly... who doesn't need one filled with pictures of Parker?!

Guess what's RIGHT around the corner? Parker's 2nd Birthday! Yet another opportunity to make more Shutterfly invitations! Why make your own invitations when Shutterfly can do it for you?! I'm all about simplicity when it comes get togethers! PLUS... they're SO cute! I haven't decided on a theme yet but I love the colors and layout of this one!
Oh my little boy is growing up too quickly!!!

Blogging buddies, if you're interested in blogging for Shutterfly, click here. It's really simple! You just fill out a short form, wait for an email response and then start blogging! Then, they send you a promo code for 50 FREE Christmas Cards! :) Who doesn't love that!?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We're hoping to snap some Christmas Card winners tomorrow!


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