Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parent's Magazine "Birds and Bees" Article

When I got home today from the Cure Search, Pediatric Cancer walk, I found my December issue of Parent's Magazine in the mailbox. I usually enjoy reading this magazine and as with most parenting advice, you take what you want out of it and leave the rest. I found an article on page 168 that I found to be completely appalling and had to share. If you get this magazine and have read it already, I bet you know EXACTLY what article I'm referring to.

It's entitled "Beyond the Birds and the Bees" and it's in the "as they grow" 7-8 age range. The picture that goes along with the article is a sweet looking little girl having Barbie and Ken kiss. No big deal, right? I found it kinda charming and I'm not dumb to know 7-8 year olds know about kissing and probably a little more as most have a younger sibling and have asked "where do babies come from?" The article discusses what you should be discussing with your 7-8 year old regarding sex and what you can wait on until they're "10" as the article states.

Are you ready for this..... apparently, we are supposed to be telling our 7-8 year old (that's 1st-2nd grade...maybe 3rd if they're old for their age) children... and I quote "The man gives the woman his sperm by placing his penis in her vagina. It's called sex or intercourse." Good news parents, the article says we can wait to talk about sexual arousal, orgasms and condoms when they're 10 but we SHOULD include information about STDs, erections and that sex isn't just for baby making when they're 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY?! I may be old school but I find this completely appalling. At 7, a child should be discussing is Batman or Spiderman a better superhero, not STDs and sex for pleasure. Why are we making our children grow up so quickly with adult conversations? I know sex happens... and it happens young but 7 seems too early to get much deeper than the basic "where do babies come from" talk. Personally, I will be leaving 100% of the advice in this article.

Daniel and I believe in talking about sex with children but at a time when they're mature enough to understand it. I also think parents should know when their children are starting to be interested in it to educate them but 7? .... that's simply too young. Could talking about it too early spark an earlier interest in doing it? Heaven forbid we include the fact that it's meant for husband and wife, right? The article certainly doesn't mention that! I believe the best way to educate your children about sex is to show them what a healthy relationship looks like. Model it... not sex... but kiss your spouse in front of them. Be affectionate. Show your children what love looks like and explain (not show!) sex to them at an appropriate time. It's a very intimate time for a husband and wife to show their love for one another and sometimes make babies if the time is right. Man, this article got me all worked up! Like I said.... I could be old school but I found this article to be sickening. Did anyone else read it? Thoughts?


  1. ooh, haven't seen that one yet, but I do remember a few months back in early parenting (the one i get) where different moms argued that stripping and posing nude to pay for their kids' college education was "true sacrifice" for their children, and that "good moms would do whatever it takes." REALLY?!?!?????

  2. I just read this this morning, immediately marched to my husband and handed it over for him to read. We have a 7.5 year old and were rather flabbergasted that we should be explaining ANYTHING about inserting anything....good grief. I was thinking of blogging about this too! I did a google search, found your post...If I do I'll link to you. I just have to add, I am not conservative at all! This article scared the pootinky out of us!

  3. Jen, I'm glad it's not just us (and welcome to my blog!). This article has been quite the topic of conversation recently at our playdates. I haven't met a mom yet that found this article to contain appropriate information!