Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 months old!

Today Parker is 20 months old! Sniff Sniff! He's growing up SOO quickly! It's amazing how fast he's learning new words, things he can do, places he can climb and cause and effect. He's barely spent a second in time out this month which is a far cry from 15 months and 18 months where he lived in it. Thankfully, he's learning boundaries (except a new one... the Christmas Tree!) and is responding well to no. I'm enjoying not being told "no" back!

This month, he's become very passionate about a few things....
1. Barney. He calls him Dabo and it's the first thing he wants in the morning. "Dabo" has now been worked into our daily schedule to calm him down before naps and bed. It's working like a charm!
2. The ABCs. He loves having the ABCs sung to him! He's sings the letter "E" when he wants you to sing it. He can now say "A, E. F, G, and M" His first letter was "M" because he loves "mm's" as he calls them.
3. Suckers. We've been going on 4 mile walks every other day and at about mile 3 he starts to say "all done!" Suckers give me at least another 2 miles! :)
4. Fake Sneezing. Mostly because we laugh and he enjoys the reaction. He likes to put something on his head and fake sneeze so it flies off his head.
5. The sunroof. We have to drive with the shade open so he can hunt for airplanes but he prefers the whole sunroof to be open.

He continues to love balls, books, airplanes and dogs. He's sleeping through the night every night and sleeping in later! SCORE! We've moved his bedtime to between 7:30 and 8 and he sleep usually until between 7 and 7:45. A few mornings he slept until 8 and I LOVE having morning snuggle time with Daniel before Parker wakes up.

His separation anxiety does not seem to be getting better. In fact, it may have gotten worse. He set an all time record yesterday evening by having me paged out of church in only 4 minutes. I continue to have other people watch him and he's fine with people he knows but strangers, even if I'm with him, put him into a complete meltdown. Church nurseries and the doctor's office are our two biggest struggles. I've read a lot about this and it seems his anxiety should start to decrease around 2. I'm praying for that. Until then, I've decided to embrace his love for me as one day I'll wish I had these days back.

Parker's big boy room is officially done! I may put another wall art or 2 in the room but for the most part, it's done! He loves it! He's wonderful about playing in it. Hopefully soon, he learns to sleep in his big boy bed! As of now, there is a pack n play in the room for Parker's buddies when they come over and get sleepy. He continues to sleep in his crib even though the room is transitioning into Avery's room. Who says he can't sleep in a room with an increasing amount of pink and bows? Here are some pictures of him I took today on his 20 month birthday! What a big boy!

Boys and their boogers!
 Perched on his new bed.
 Part of his big boy room, including his most favorite ABC painting.
 Still obsessed with balls!
 Playing curtain peek a boo!
 I'm SO in love with that smile!
 The other side of the play area in his room. It's already decorated for Christmas!
 Trying to reach the train.
 The beds/pack n play corner.
 Hi mommy!
Happy 20 months, Parker!


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