Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Day of Thanks

2 blog post in one day! I'm on a roll! haha. Well actually, I scheduled NOTHING other than going to eat at my mother in laws and you'd be amazed at how much free time you have when you vow not to clean and be productive. The Bengals/Jets game is on in the background and since I have Dustin Keller (TE for NYJ) and my opponent has Chad Ochocinnco and LT playing in this game, I'm expecting tonight's fantasy stats to be depressing. So instead, here are a few pictures of Parker and his cousin Jakob on Thanksgiving. One day, I'll remember to get in the pictures or attempt a group shot. Goodness am I terrible at only getting shots of the little guy!

Daniel helping Parker up the hill to the house:
 Parker must point out each airplane until we also acknowledge it.
Parker and Jakob high fiving. I'm so bummed I miss the shot of them kissing and then it got a little awkward asking them to do it over and over!
 This photo cracks me up. It looks like a bad toddler band CD cover.
 Mr. Observant.
 Hmmm... I'm in love.
 Being a boy and playing in the dirty sand.
 Scooping up more of said dirty, sand.
 CHEESE! I found duck poop!
 Brushing it off.
 Daddy came to the rescue.
Our quiet, family Thanksgiving was nice. Different than the big, extended family Thanksgiving that I'm used to but nice in it's own unique, unstressful way. The boys enjoyed playing together and the food was yummy. I'd consider it a success. I sure hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well!

Anyone doing any crazy early black Friday shopping? There are a few items at Target that I'd like to snag but certainly NOT enough to be there at 4am with the crazies. I think I'll venture there around 7:30 and take my chances that the "AMAZING DOORBUSTER SALES" may not still be there. I just can't stand in a long, cold line with people who run for items like supermarket sweep for $3.99 chutes and ladders or candy land. I'll stroll in at 7:30 with my peppermint mocha and see what deals I can still find! Don't even get me started on ToysRUs! Those shoppers are like professionals. I hear they run and hit and steal toys out of your cart. What a mom won't do for a Zhu Zhu Pet (what in the WORLD are those anyways?) NUTS!  It is; however, beneficial to befriend a 4am crazy. I sure hope Holly remembers to get me a pair of black suede boots (size 8!)! Bless her heart for getting up that early and braving the mall but my feet sure will thank her later in those precious $17 boots! YIPPEE!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Black Friday Shopping!


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