Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

How great would very morning be if it started out like this? I have been IN LOVE with this little girl's video of daily affirmations since it became a hit on YouTube! What a great perspective on life!

My sophomore year of college, I went through a time when I felt like I wasn't good enough. I was struggling in school, in my faith, in loving myself and in my confidence. I took a marker and colored on probably 100 pieces of construction paper affirmations. My little dorm room was SO small, I completely covered my walls. I wrote things like "I am pretty," "I am smart," "I can do math," "I can pass calculus," "God loves me," "My thighs aren't huge," "I am worthy," "I am loved" etc. While I still cannot do math and have learned to except that as part of my genetic makeup, I started to believe the things I read over and over. Eventually, the constant repetitiveness, tricks you into believing it. If you're struggling with something like this, I encourage you to try affirmation notes. They looked really lame ALL over my walls but I'm sure a post it or 3 would be more inconspicuous.

The month of November always makes me think of what I'm thankful for and how truly blessed I am. I need to be better about making this more of an everyday affair instead of "when I think about it in November" affair.

So today:
I love my...
Clemson girlfriends
dogs (most of the time)
(the list really tanks from here on out in regards to seriousness)
BOB stroller (seriously.. love it)
Chili's chips and salsa
streaming Netflix
my hair
my height
my neighborhood
my camera

AND sooo much more but this is a start!

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  1. Chili's chips and salsa is amazing :) I'm addicted to them. haha Great post! I love it.