Friday, November 12, 2010

Shameless Plug

I've mentioned before my love for all things monogrammed. WELL... my very favorite custom kids boutique, Izzy Puddin' is doing a giveaway! I'm a sucker for facebook and blog giveaways! They're so easy to enter and I'm just sure one day I'll win something! In this case, EVERYONE wins something (FREE SHIPPING on any purchase!) and one person will win a custom Christmas outfit for their little one when they reach 500 fans! Fingers crossed the winner is Parker! How cute would he look in this?

Head over to facebook and "like" Izzy Puddin' to be entered in the giveaway. It's seriously that easy. Even if you don't have a little one, this would be a wonderful gift! OR if you won you could just say you'd like them to make it for Parker. We'd be OK with that too. haha Once Izzy Puddin' hits 500 fans, she'll do the contest.

Now that we know our little one is a girl, I've been perusing the website frequently for all things pink, ruffly and covered in bows.

I HAVE to have this outfit for Avery!
She's going to have to have a few of these too!
She's obviously going to need one of these for the fall...
How cute is the pink gingham dress?!
I'm seeing this in our future too! Maybe pink and brown or pink and green. Maybe both. Decisions Decisions.
 Recognize this little fellow in his Izzy Puddin' Jon Jon?
Of course we can't forget Parkerman! He loved his Izzy Puddin' T shirts!

We love the Halloween shirt!
I had this one made for Parker as well! He wears it on gamedays!
You get the point! PRECIOUS stuff at a great price! Even if you don't win the Christmas outfit, you still get free shipping on any order when Izzy Puddin' reaches 500 fans! The owner/artist/mom is a friend of mine so I promise I wouldn't promote something I don't love myself!`Facebook like Izzy Puddin' and tell them Taylor from Saved by Grace... Maintained by Coffee sent you!

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