Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toddlers Say the Darnedest Things

What a little stinker. I am head over heels for this little guy! Do you remember the show "kids say the darnedest things?" They need to bring it back and do a toddler version. I'd be first in line to submit Parker. Here are some of my recent favorite Parkerisms.

Me: "Parker did you poop?"
Parker: "NO WAY!" (his favorite and most used phrase)
Me: "Parker, are you lying to mommy?"
Parker: "Yes."

ME: "Parker who is this?" (looking at a family picture, pointing at myself)
Parker: "Mommy"
Me: "Who is this?" (pointing to Daniel)
Parker: "Daddy"
Me: "Who is this?" (pointing to Moses)
Parker: "Mo Mo."
Me: "Who is this?" (pointing to himself)
Parker: "Cute."
Apparently his self esteem isn't something I should be too concerned about for a while.

(While in entertaining Parker in Target)
Me: "Parker, what does a dog say?"
Parker: "ruff ruff!"
Me: "Parker, what does a cow say?"
Parker: "mooooo" THEN... (pointing to a larger woman he screams....) "COW MOOOOOOO!!!!"
In his defense, she was wearing a zebra blouse but I don't think she saw it that way.

Me: "Parker are you going to be a big brother?"
Parker: "No way!"
Me: "Yes you are. You are going to have a little sister. What is her name going to be?"
Parker: "Dabo." (Parker calls Barney "dabo.")
Thankfully, we did not take Parker's opinion into account and her name will be Avery. You're welcome baby girl.

Me: "Parker did you smash your banana on the wall?"
Parker: "hmmmmm..... no way. Mo Mo. Bad dog."
Good try, buddy! You're better off waiting to use that excuse when you have a real sibling!

(Once again in Target at the check out line with a 25ish year old guy behind us)
Parker: "Hi, daddy!"
Random Man: (Horrified look on his face)
Me: "Parker that isn't your daddy. Your daddy is at work."
Parker: "Bye Bye daddy!" (while waving and blowing kisses)
Random Man: changed lanes.

Pics for your viewing pleasure.....


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