Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love my bubble.

This morning started great.

Parker slept until 6:15 which was a huge improvement from 4:30, I got a shower (which doesn't always happen in the mornings). I got to curl my hair. We were early to My Gym. Parker was wonderful at My Gym.... he even let the male instructor hold him which is unheard of with P-man.  We stopped by the bank and cashed a check the bank shouldn't have let me cash (it was in my husband's name and he wasn't with me and didn't sign it). I ordered a grande Starbucks, paid for it with a gift card and the barista made a mistake and gave me a venti... love it! Seriously... awesome morning.

Then we went to Independence Blvd (since Parker was in such a chipper mood). MISTAKE. Independence Blvd is outside of my Ballantyne and Lake Norman bubble but it's the closest Hancock Fabric. SOOO we went. Let me just say. I love my Ballantyne Bubble. The people are friendly and thoughtful. Not so much the case with Independence Blvd people (I realize I'm wildy stereotyping here). I'm in line at Hancock fabric with 1 item (that I need 1 yard of) and the lady in front of me has 2 carts... seriously 2 carts... that she needs ALL different sizes cut. It took almost 20 minutes. Even though I was behind her. I can't imagine not letting a person who has 1 item (and a kid) in front of you. Maybe I'm over reacting but it seemed thoughtless. Then even though my item was priced at $12.99 a yard they charged me $16.99 and the lady wouldn't change it even though I showed her the sale sign. FRUSTRATING!

We had another incident in Ross (I should expect instances like that in Ross though). I'll spare you those details. WHEW. Some people seriously shouldn't procreate. Thankfully, we got our items, drove back to our Ballantyne Bubble and are continuing our lovely fall day at home! I think normally my patience for above frustrations would have been a bit higher if I had not just spent an entire day yesterday in prompt hell with Dish Network and Paypal. There is only so many customer service frustrations one can gracefully handle in a week and mine are tapped out for the month.

We did find 1 worthwhile treasure other than our overpriced minky dot material. A pink and brown Nike tennis dress for Miss. Avery. I supposed Independence Blvd wasn't a total bust after all.

Once Parker wakes up, we're heading to the park! What a beautiful, fall day! PS- I love where I live!


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