Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spontaneous Train Ride, Sand Box Fun and a Sleepover

Today was one of those days where you have no agenda and then you find yourself gone all day on an adventure. Love those days! The kiddies and I got up, showered, put on presentable attire and headed to the post office. An exciting life we live... I know :)  While on the way there I got a call that my parents were going downtown (Charlotte) to hug my sister and have lunch.... so I invited myself and the kids to join. My sister moved to NYC (tear) and is in Charlotte working on a project for the Democratic National Convention. While I'm not a fan of the DNC shutting down the roads and making traffic a total nightmare (or the candidate causing this mess for that matter), the city looks AMAZING! So thanks for the millions of dollars, Mr. Obama!

My sister is doing a great job! Everything looks SO cool and I'm really proud of her! I sure wish she'd fall back in love with Charlotte and never go back to NYC! Charlotte really is a BEAUTIFUL, clean, fun city! I wish we had planned this outing in advance because I just love all of the wonderful photo opportunities downtown. If you've never been to Charlotte, is a GREAT place to go! We parked at my sister's old apartment complex and road the train into the heart of the city. Parker thought is was awesome and was totally content to just do that all day.
Parker and I on the train.
Avery didn't share Parker's enthusiasm for the train!
In awe! 
Avery fell asleep in the stroller after a yummy lunch at 7th street Market
 We ate lunch and then walked to the space where my sister is working on a production for a big client (I can't say who... so secretive!) It was really neat to go inside and see the fruits of her labor. On the way back to our car, Parker suggested that he go to nana's house to swim with ducks. Nana is a sucker for Parker and agreed so my parents took Parker back to their house for the night. Miss. Avery and I visited a few stores then headed home.
Starbucks was our 1st stop!
My mom sent me this picture of Parker fulfilling his goal of swimming with ducks
Meanwhile. Avery, the sand monster, and I played in our backyard.

She's become SO strong! I took this video of her climbing the swing set. Please excuse my high pitched "mommy voice." I find talking on camera to be so awkward for some reason!


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