Friday, August 17, 2012

Zoo and Zeke!

On Wednesday the kids and I hopped in the car and headed 2 hours south to Greenville, South Carolina to visit my college BFF, Erin and her 6 week old preciousness Zeke! She lives in the cutest little old home on a tree lined old street in a sweet part of Greenville BUT that cute little brick house also has a cute little brick fireplace. Avery + brick fireplace most certainly = ER for stitches so we opted to meet at the Greenville Zoo. 

Erin went by Chick-fil-a (AKA Chick - a - lay to Parker) and met us at a big park outside of the zoo. We downed some Christian fried goodness and embarked on our tour through the zoo. The zoo is tiny but well maintained. We shared the zoo with about 15 other people so the kids really got to see the animals without being rushed. 

The zoo was a perfectly place to sport her new "lil sis" t shirt and hot pink pettiskirt! Tutu cute! Funny story... I was making this shirt and accidentally started making one that said "big sis Avery" and FREAKED when I realized my mistake. The seam ripper and I had a date and I quickly fixed it to "LIL SIS" but whew.... Seeing "Big sis Avery" sent my heart racing! Lord willing, Avery will remain "Lil Sis!" 2 Avery's would surely send me to an early grave!
"Big Bro" excited to see the zebras.... which come to find out they don't have at that zoo but the ducks (shocker, right) fully made up for the lack of zebras!


Sweet boy, Zeke! He's PRECIOUS!

Love that sweet smile! Smiles like these make 4 hours in the car totally worth it!

Checking out the giraffes!

Pretty mama and her cub checking out the giraffes

The kids really enjoyed seeing the lion because it was up against the glass. Poor lion was super depressed, alone and in a tiny habitat. It needed a friend... or antidepressants.
Other zoo highlights were the snakes (eww!), monkeys, leopards and toddler playground. I took lots of cute pictures of the kids playing on the playground with my phone to send to Daniel but haven't uploaded them to the computer. Overall, it was a great day. The kids were well behaved, the drive was easy and pretty quick and I really enjoyed seeing Erin and Zeke. We ended the day at the Carolina Place Mall for a few fall clothes, Jessie PJs (HUGE HIT!) and then home for baths and bed. Days like these make me feel SO blessed to be a stay at home mom!

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