Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Double the Sweetness Play Date

This morning we had the pleasure of having my sweet friend, Meredith and her 8 month old twins over to play. Oh my, is she super woman! Its so fun to see these precious babies I prayed for through pregnancy and their NICU stay now THRIVING.... like super thriving.... 27ish pounds thriving. They are adorable and I have to admit that Grayson stole my heart! He let me hold him and was happy which most 8 month old babies don't let you do. I also loved that our heads were about the same size. He is going to be one handsome fella! Miss. Kennedy was content and quiet, taking it all in. I am envious of her earrings. I kinda wish I'd pierced Avie's ears.... they're SO cute on her!
Meredith brought the twin's exersaucer... and Avery played in it instead. Look at their sizes.... Kennedy (8 months) and Avery (almost 16 months). I told you Avie is a peanut!

Little man enjoyed chillin' in the cozy coupe.

Little Miss showing off.

Avery entertaining Grayson

Meredith and Grayson

Side by side.... you can really tell how much they look a like in this picture!

Avery rocking Kennedy
I really enjoyed reconnecting with Meredith one on one and playing with her sweet babies! I look forward to our next play date!

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  1. 27 pounds at 8 months?! holy cow- that's huge! And I thought Luke was big at 23 lbs for 12 months. I think any baby would be a peanut compared to that!