Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preschool Orientation - Picture Over Load!

Tonight we went to Parker's preschool orientation and we're so very pleased with his teacher, room and classmates. Despite being bummed that best buddy, Max, isn't in his class, about 6 of the 10 kids in Parker's class were in his class last year so he felt very comfortable. He walked right in and started correctly stacking tangrams with the right shapes and colors... and then he saw the kitchen set and the educational play was over. He also found a bucket of animals that included a giraffe, rhino and zebra so he's set. 
Parker was a bit shy when he first met Ms. Monica

Avery was rocking her "back to school outfit".. just because she isn't going to school doesn't mean she doesn't need a dress to take Parker, right?!

Warming up over tangrams

Avery has always loved her daddy but she has recently become quite attached to him. I love the sweet look on her face in this picture!

Stacking the shapes and colors correctly! WOO HOO! Go Parkerman!

Ms. Monica welcoming her new students

Love the little apples on the door!

Ms. Monica explained the behavior chart and as we were leaving I noticed this.... come to find out, Daniel did it! Sneaky!
Afterwards, Avery the kids were being smiley so I couldn't help myself.... (beware of scrolling down.... picture overload of basically the same photo over and over).....
I could eat her up... and those precious apples on her dress... LOVE IT!

When I said "the kids"... I really meant "Avery".... Parker is still anti smiling for pictures.

"Parker, I'll give you ice cream if you smile".... Oh Avie... she kills me!

Sweet boy... the best shots are action shots!


So in awe of life.... and the things I'm willing to put on my head for a picture of her looking at the camera!

Love bug!

I can't stop posting pictures of her!

She did this pose herself... oh very Olan Mills of you, Avery.

And what's a picture overload post without some out takes?
Parker's arm reaching for my camera because he wanted to take the pictures instead of be in them

Still trying to get my camera....

Bless her heart....
Thanks for bearing with me through 90 gazillion pictures of my kids. I love each and EVERY picture... but I'm their mama and I'm biased! We can't wait for school to start September 4th! It was almost a tease having orientation 10 days before the 1st day!


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