Friday, August 3, 2012

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I have a TON of free time right now to do crafts... NOT.... BUT I'm pinning things on Pinterest faster than I am accomplishing anything on my boards and that was irritating me (I know... I've got big problems for that to get under my skin) so it was time to tackle a project. Immediately I knew which one I wanted to do because 1. it met a need I have and 2. August is the month of birthdays and this was going to be my test run on a potential present! 

The project... chalkboard wine glasses! :)

I L-O-V-E chalkboard paint. I have it in my kitchen in 2 different places and highly recommend it! I also happen to love wine glasses... and wine... but my Mikasa wine glasses I got from our wedding  were shattered back in 2008 thanks to a TERRIBLE dog sitter/high school party thrown at my house while I was on vacation... long and AWFUL story... so I slowly replaced them. THEN I had kids... kids who like to play in the dishwasher... and 1 by 1 "mommy's cups" broke. TEAR. I considered replacing them but I'm just not in a place in life to have nice glasses... one day :) 

SO I've been drinking out of juice glasses or solo cups... or NASCAR big gulps on bad days :/ which is really classy to offer friends when they come over. So... time for cheap but cute new wine glasses! 

You need:
Wine glasses (I think any kind will do... these are $5 from Target... I told you I was going CHEAP!), chalkboard paint (purchased from Home Depot... also inexpensive and I used maybe 1/15th of it), wax paper (or anything you don't mind getting messy).... and a Dr. Pepper for hydration.

You will also need:
Toddler entertainment

Start by wiping the glasses clean. Open your paint and give it a good stir. I used a plastic fork from the previous night's Chinese food... it worked great. Thanks, Tian Tian...

Dip your wine glass into the paint to the desired depth. I only wanted mine to cover the bottom and not go up the stem but I've seen a few pins that show the paint up part of the stem and that's cute too!
Hold it over the can until it stops dripping. The humidity was drying these faster than it should so I found rotating the glass while it dripped to help the extra paint come off easier and to keep it more even when it dries. 
 Once they stop dripping and are starting to harden, flip upside down and start your next one.
Once they dry you will obviously need to give them a try. You wouldn't want to give a gift that hasn't been tested for safety and stuff like that....
My chalk handwriting is seriously illegible ... I could have NEVER been a teacher that didn't have a whiteboard.... poor kids would never learn anything.

Some turned out great and some just ok. The "just ok" ones were the last few I did. I recommend doing this project inside and away from humidity. They were drying too fast and aren't all as smooth as I would prefer.  I would also recommend occupying your toddler with something else other than water... mine kept requesting "more water" which means the glasses and I got hosed more than once in the process by Mr. Parker!

I think I may add a thin black and white polka dot ribbon bow to the bottom to add more fun and cover the 2 glasses I felt ran a bit due to the humidity. These are SO cute, cheap and easy to do. How fun will these be for a girl's night!?! They would also make for great wedding gifts, birthday gifts or bachelorette parties!

NOW... what to do with the REST of the chalkboard paint?!? Feel free to send ideas my way!


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