Friday, August 3, 2012

4th of July (only slightly late)...

I love America... I love red, white and blue.... I love food... not so much fireworks but I tolerate them this one day a year... I like parades... I love my friends... any excuse to dress the kids in coordinating outfits...INDEPENDENCE....  so basically I'm a fan of the 4th of July.

This year we choose not to head up to the lake with the rest of Charlotte and stayed close to home, celebrating with our new neighborhood friends. We started the day with coordinating patriotic outfits and a fruit flag.
We tailgated for the city of Waxhaw parade which I had NO idea was a big deal but man, people love parades. Right as it was about to start the 10am train came through town much to the delight of all toddler boys...
...Except Parker who thought it was too loud and was disappointed that it wasn't Thomas or Percy.
The parade was filled with local politicians, dance teams, boy scouts and businesses... the registrar of deeds even got her own convertible... the typical cute, small town parade.
My favorite "float":
How cute is that car?!

And my least favorite float was covered in boys with water guns. Can you see my displeasure?
 Princess Taylor in full effect right there!

Avery was SUPER difficult to get to sit still and Parker spent pretty much the entire parade in the wagon covering his ears and closing his eyes... I don't think we'll do the parade for a few more years.

After the parade we went home, put Avery down for a nap and quickly decorated the wagon for the neighborhood parade. I thought the wagon was precious!
I Parker was really into it, can you tell?
I had to bribe Parker with my phone just to get him in the wagon. He heard the word "parade" and was totally uninterested! These kids; however, were ADORABLE and loved it!

In the afternoon, we went to the pool and Daniel tried to get the kids involved in the "prescot summer Olympics" but lets be honest... my 14 month old is an impressive swimmer for her age but certainly is no gold mentalist compared to a 9 year old! haha. Oh but bless her heart she tried. Daniel brought home the silver in the water balloon toss because he ditched me as a partner in favor of an athletic man.... I'm so proud... haha
Daniel and the kids in the "opening ceremonies!" So cute!

This 4th of July celebration was a bit too much for the kids at their ages. They were exhausted and asleep by 6:30. I had a good time but I learned my lesson.... I drug the kids from event to event that I thought they would like but it was really more about me forcing memories on them and fitting too much into a day too early. You know what I mean? They were tired, cranky and overwhelmed... SENSORY OVERLOAD! Next year I think we'll just do the neighborhood parade and play by pool in patriotic swim suits.  Easy Peasy :) Happy Birthday, America!


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